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    Bounding Fire Blackpool - November 2020

    I'm looking forward to the first Joe Fest..........
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    It is great fun!
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    Do Conscripts cower with leader direction?

    Does not 19.3 apply here? Green units ate exempt from IE penalties if with a leader but Conscripts always suffer the penalty?
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    Double One 2020 cancelled

    Thanks Joe - looking forward to attending as a player in 2020
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    Double One 2020 cancelled

    So here is an extract from an e-mail that I received from the individual who made physical threats against a fellow D1 2019 attendee. I have added the asterisks but you should be able to work out the Anglo Saxon terminology used. The syntax is as shown:- "Why don't you F* OFF & DROP DEAD, you...
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    Double One 2020 cancelled

    Absolutely delighted that D1 will continue into the next decade, thanks to everyone for stepping up
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    Korean HASL from LFT!

    Excellent, plus of course the fiver for P&P.......
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    Korean HASL from LFT!

    Just sell some more trophies that you won........
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    Panzerfaust use

    A leader uses street fighting to CCRF an AFV that moves next to him in the movement phase. The attack is ineffective and the leader is returned to the building hex and marked with a first fire counter. The AFV stops adjacent to the leader. In the Defensive Fire Phase, can the leader try for a...
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    In praise of Battle School's Battle Dice!!!

    Just wait until Joe Arthur hears about this.........
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    What do you Dread the most when playing ASL? (Game Play)

    Your tournament, your rules. Oh wait...….
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    Double One 2018 results and 2019 dates

    Double One is over for another year, with the following individuals triumphing:- Friday minis:- Burning Sky - Mick Essex. East Side Heavy Metal 1 - Gerard Burton East Side Heavy Metal 2 - Pedro Santos Kicking the Italian boot - Gary Norman. Rumble in the jungle 1 - Will Binns Rumble in the...
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    What do you Dread the most when playing ASL? (Game Play)

    People who insist on using the backgammon method of dice selection...
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    Double One 2018 - UK ASL Tournament June 21 to June 2014

    Bouncing up with just 3 weeks to go.....