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    Not sure that’s exactly correct. If both players feel that Japan can get 5 points off but not 6 (for example) they can only bid ‘Japan 5’. In this case the side that gets the Japanese with a roll has his chosen side without giving up compensation. So - it’s only these edge cases, and I don’t...
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    I played two of these over the weekend and was happy to be challenged to think about the choice of sides via the bidding mechanism in a greater depth than other scenarios (I often just ask my opponent who they’d like to play and go with it - or simply dice for it). The bidding definitely works...
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    A series of interviews

    Hey guys. We've started interviewing "random" ASL'ers for their "desert island scenarios", non-asl game and opponents of choice. They're scheduled to come out once a week and I currently have 5 processed and awaiting release. The first one with last year's Bounding Fire winner, Ian Morris, is...
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    Adding to the Archive

    Perfect. I'd suggest making it a google-sheet and allowing access for others to add to it. When we think it's completed I can get it integrated.
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    The last 10 days (41 games) recorded on the archive

    Not sure why you wouldn't want to log things. Some guys don't have any regular opponents and if players play a scenario against themselves (with the "play-by-self" ruleset or just like a standard game where they sit on the other side of the table) the balance of results seem reasonable to me.
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    Adding to the Archive

    This isn't a big problem, but I'd ideally need a list of campaigns so that we can avoid name creep. Anyone interested (if one's created here, please keep adding to the list rather than listing them in dozens of different posts).
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    Scenarios that need Board 77?

    The board list on that dropdown (on the advanced search) lists all boards found from scenarios, rather than a list of 'known' boards. So when a scenario is published using it, you'll see it arrive on the dropdown list.
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    Beyond Valor v Journals

    But you don't get the scenarios from BV - 'just' the counters, maps, rules and dice!
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    The last 10 days (41 games) recorded on the archive

    VASL games are logged/played three times more often than ftf games.
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    ASL Scenario Archive keeps getting better and better

    Thanks - It actually comes from me wondering what percentage of play happens ftf as opposed to VASL. I considered adding "tournament/casual" as another option but then didn't want to muddy it with "league", "teaching" etc, -but I could be persuaded. Right now I'm looking forward to a month or...
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    Action Packs vs Croix de Guerre 2nd ed

    Just to be clear - we're doing this for this completely un-scientific reasons, but gives us something to chat about bracket here: (the random 5 minute discussion is on our illuminating rounds youtube videos). When trying to determine the "apples to oranges"...
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    Valor of the Guards or Red Barricades

    Is that true? This might be only minor, but VotG factories references O5, Factory rooftop access points are referenced in 6.2. In 7 Gutted Buildings, gutted factories are handled "as per 05.5"
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    #75: Setting the Stage

    Quarter finals time - and if you get all the way to close to the end, we uncover a new job opportunity for those dice-disadvantaged players!
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    Valor of the Guards or Red Barricades

    Ok- this one's a heavy weight contest! VotG with its gutted factories and crazy rail-cars (along with an extra campaign and more scenarios) - vs the grand-daddy of campaigns, Red Barricades. I know technically you need RB to have all the VotG rules, but we're hand-waving that away to provide...