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    Shit ASL producers I will never play or buy from again.

    Good lord, I thought the stupidity was limited to just the political forums, but nope. After reading this thread, there is plenty of stupid things to be argued about in the ASL world too. Stupid is as stupid does I suppose. Seems pretty simple since this is a hobby - don't like a scenario...
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    SK1 VASL PBEM opponent wanted

    Roger- dropped you a PM
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    New player looking for learning games or other newbies to learn together.

    Have you checked out the ASLSK modules yet? Kind of like ASL with training wheels. Regardless, not an overly experienced player, but enjoy teaching and patient. Drop me a PM if you would like to fire up a game. Usually a turn a day with some interruptions for work travel.
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    Happy New Year and New Year's Resolution

    First of all, Happy New Year's all. With a new year, those pesky, oft to be broken, New Year's resolutions come up. For me, it is time to de-clutter and seek out positive interactions. This is no place for either. I doubt I will be missed by many - meh - troll on. I would like to Thank Don...
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    Happy Christmas Everybody....

    You too mate.
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    Game of Thrones discussion *Spoiler Alert*

    Not a big sci-fi fan, but I always enjoyed watching BattleStar Galactica as well. With you on GoT - not into the fantasy stuff, but GoT seems well-grounded with fantasy thrown in at the edges to make it interesting. Wish I had more time to read, but do enough reading at work, that it is tough...
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    Boarding Fire VASL boards crashing VASL

    Thank you
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    Boarding Fire VASL boards crashing VASL

    Is there another place to download Bounding Fire boards? The link the in map bazaar is broke. Downloaded the boards from the BF website, but when I pull it up, VASL crashes. I don't have any issues with MMP boards. Running 6.3.3 version of VASL. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated...
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    World Cup? - Why hockey is better

    Ummm....even Hockey has shootouts - not the Stanley Cup - but you get out there and run for 115+ minutes with no shift changes.
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    World Cup? - Why hockey is better

    Played both. The skill level of soccer(football) players just seem to be a level above. Putting a cross ice pass on the money isn't that hard, but using your foot to put a cross pitch pass on the money so they can field it takes skill. Plus, the athleticism seems to be a step above as well...
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    Is it possible to insert an image on VASL?

    Thanks. It worked out great. Saved the cut and paste from the Scenario card into a jpeg file, but it on the desktop and referenced as above. Handy to have the VC and Special rules on the map to keep from having to dig it out each time. A future suggested add would be able to attach a pdf...
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    Is it possible to insert an image on VASL?

    I was in the process of setting up a map and thought it would be helpful to copy the Special Rules from the pdf of the scenario card and put it in with the map rather than have to type it all again in the notes. Thus, the question. Is there a way to insert an image on the map set up? Thanks,
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    Summarize the movie in one word: boring. Not a bad movie per se, but boring as hell. Same 3 action scenes repeated for 105 minutes. Even the flight scenes were boring after the first one. Same action - bomber heading for a ship and spitfire trying to stop it. Spitfire had unlimited ammo...
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    Trying to find overlays in VASL

    Thank you. Sounds like X-9 and X-10 are single hex buildings. Can someone tell me what X-13 and OW-1 overlays consist of, then I can at least get something down. Thanks,
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    Trying to find overlays in VASL

    No problems with putting overlays on the map from the overlays button. However, the X-buildings only shows overlays for x-1 to x-5 and x-30. Also, I don't see anything for Orchard-Woods (OW) either.