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  • "In this day and age, you shouldn't feel embarassed by sharing your gay porn sites. :p"

    "Watch it Morbs, he is putting his internet moves on you. Your fisting talk must have gotten him interested. "

    Haha. Love juice in the rep cannon needs replacing.
    "I guess it depends on if you are serving up a State Fair size corn dog or vienna sausage! :) We have pictorial evidence she can handle a corn dog."

    ":rolleyes: Care to share your articles or do I need to go find them? Funny Tater, but a simple suggestion that you are making a bad argument and you turn it into a game of the last word."

    Why do you hate freedom? :flag:
    We were just feeling each other out, so to speak. She's cool, but she needs to ease-up on the doughnuts to the tune of twenty pounds or so. I like her--she invited me to the Gay Pride Parade down in San Diego on Saturday, but, fortunately, I'll be laying laminate instead, probably doing some painting, too.

    All in all, she might be worth getting to know better. I suspect she's bisexual.
    I was working today, Dave.

    I'll answer your silly ass when I'm good and ready. Don't forget, you are in the minors. I'm the one who calls the shots, got it?

    Right now, I have to go meet a girl. Perhaps, in the next day or two, I'll decide to prove you a hypocrite yet again, or maybe not.
    "Sure wish you would practice some of those Christian principles that you have no problem preaching to others about."

    <Tater>Why do you hate America? :flag:</Tater>
    "I was tired of watching you make an ass of yourself in public."

    He can't help it. ;)
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