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    AAR - Rudder's Keystone - HP #5

    FYI, this is 4-2, in favor of the Americans on ROAR. Nice AAR!
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    Contacting Zombie ASL

    I believe I was one of his 'credited' playtesters, having played most, if not all of those scenarios. Feel free to post here or PM me, and I can try to answer your question. If I need to, I could also forward a question to Glenn.
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    Have you ever played a scenario from one of Critical Hit's GWASL World War One modules?

    They have their issues, but if you wish to recreate a different feel from WW2 ASL, this hits the spot. I really like the platoon movement rules, which force you to move in impulses. Tactics are different with avoiding stacking whenever possible. Big amoeba-like stacks to open fire on the enemy...
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    Looking for Tyrant's Lair errata/clarifications.

    IMHO, Berlin: Fall of the 3rd Reich, 2nd edition is the best. The 1st edition had errata issues, and 3rd edition had a series of unexplained changes made, and to my knowledge were unplaytested. Any version that came out afterward I'm unfamiliar with. Ditto for Tyrants Lair. I'm only familiar...
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    Looking for Tyrant's Lair errata/clarifications.

    Many years ago, I posted all Berlin: Fall of the 3rd Reich/Tyrant's Lair errata on the CH message board. I can not recall if I cross posted it on this forum. Sorry.
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    The Best Great War ASL Module?

    I'm not sure why it says that. I've played Hindenburg Line, and I was able to play it using only it plus my info counters.
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    First Wave at Omaha

    Just looking at that damned seawall gives me a cold sweat (and I was the Germans)! Did you guys ever finish?
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    The Best Great War ASL Module?

    I believe so, Bill. For example, if you play the French module/pack (#2) you would need the German counters and boards that came in the first (British) module/pack. IIRC, in order to play the American module/pack, you would also need the first pack (again for the German counters and boards)...
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    The Best Great War ASL Module?

    They vary, but none were small. Most of CH's GWASL scenarios are medium to large. Some are enormous, IMO.
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    Missing operation—First East Prussian Offensive

    There was also Sturmtruppen, a tournament-sized scenario set at the battle for Goldap, E. Prussia, in November of 1944. CH #134.
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    The Best Great War ASL Module?

    I've managed to play one or two out of each of them. All have been fun so far.
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    DBP16 Under Old Baldy - Radio or Offboard Observer?

    Yes, it is Crag (using CH's alternative art-work).
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    Red Factories countersheet errata?

    Thanks Chas! I already emailed that address and sent you a photo of the problem.
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    Red Factories countersheet errata?

    Has anyone else had any countersheets transposed? The front of RO #2 was transposed onto the back of RO #1.
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    I witnessed a few playtests of Coors during the last few days of ASLOK. The historical map seemed to be a popular item with folks. Thanks to Brian Martuzas for sharing with everyone.