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    CASLO XXIV - Fredericton NB 15 - 17 May

    Thanks David Garvin for organizing a great online tournament! Had to settle with Plan B, winning the Boxcars Award instead of the tournament proper. 😛 Had great fun and some great games. Congrats to Carl Nogueira for taking the title this year! Glad I had a chance to play him for the title...
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    Canadian Advanced Squad Leader Open XXIII

    Will digital copies be available for the scenario list? If so, expected date? Thanks, Darren
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    Valor of the Guards Q&A

    Russian Night Cloaking set up (Concealment vs Non-Concealment) Can Russian cloaked units set up in Non-Concealment terrain during Night (as ATTACKER)? This question just popped up in my head during my German set up for night. Actually a whole series of questions popped up despite playing...
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    Losing HIP status to perform concealment loss activities out of LOS of enemy units

    To perform the listed activity, they must not be HIP. ....Perry MMP This is the answer to the question I posed regarding HIP units performing concealment loss activities out of LOS with a clarification to a Perry Sez Q&A for A12.31-.32. Question and reference Perry Sez below: For...
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    I had great fun at CASLO this year! Thanks to the tournament staff: Eldon, Steffen, Paul Suderman, and Ron. Maybe the turnout wasn't as big as would be hoped for but I think the best bunch of guys from Canada came out to spend a weekend together playing the game we love. : ) Victory certainly...
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    Wounded leader MF bonus for seperate MMC activities?

    Thanks for the response. I wasn't sure how to interpret the move as a combined stack but having to spend the same MF makes sense. Darren
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    AFV VCA change in building - Possible cellar collapse?

    Thanks for the quick reply.
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    AFV VCA change in building - Possible cellar collapse?

    I wasn't successful in doing a search of the forum for this issue. Only thing I came up was a thread from way back that erroneously (I guessed) said the cellar collapse could occur on both entry and VCA change (with no rule support citing). Darren
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    AFV VCA change in building - Possible cellar collapse?

    Does the Bog Check DR for a AFV VCA change within a building also entail the possible cellar collapse as with the entry Bog DR? B23.41 (Cellars) only talks about the entry of the building Bog DR. Darren
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    E1.43 Loss of Cloaking - Making an attack

    1.43 LOSS: Cloaked status is lost, and replaced by its unconcealed actual contents (if any), for any situation that would cause one or more of its units to lose concealment at night (1.31; 1.72), and for making any attack other than a successful Ambush. Once removed, Cloaking counters cannot be...
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    Valor of the Guards Q&A

    Recon - Dummy counters 12.6265 RECON INSPECTION - for this rule would any reconnoitered location containing dummy counters "?" be eliminated? It does not specifically spell that out nor does it in Red Barricades as a reference. On the other hand, KGP does specifically mentions that dummy...
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    Red Barricades German entry hexes

    Thanks. Thought I had a different impression long ago. The new wording spells it out better.
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    Red Barricades German entry hexes

    Just to clarify: The Germans can enter along the south edge on any hex they currently control and controlled at the beginning of the scenario date? [I have only remembered the north and west edge hexes but there being errata for some time it seems clear that they can enter along south edge too]...
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    And Other Red Barricades CGIII

    I suffered an ELR loss already; ELR 2. On the first date the 2 rifle companies given were both depleted and no HMGs nor MMGs from them. I had only 1 MMG from a militia Coy plus some light mortars. The next date I took a chance with purchasing the HW platoon and a militia Coy more hoping to...
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    And Other Red Barricades CGIII

    Thanks for the accolades. You Chicago boys were always a lesson in humility but lessons well learned.