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    CoD Patch 1.5 and United Offensive Patch

    Man even with DSL it took me 25 minutes to get 1.5 for UO !
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    Coupon for knifes

    I will take a coupon for a Galili! :D
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    New tank sim in development.

    What no Armored Fist fans?
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    Any Medal of Honor teams out there?

    I was playing multiplayer MOH breakthough and got 28 kills to 9 deaths and was wondering if there are any of you guys teams? Yes the sniper rifle is my friend!
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    Operation Justice To Hollywood!

    Hey they are going to name it " Top Gun 2" Battle for Britain. You know him and Speilburg are making "Ghost Soldiers"?
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    Updates for SPMBT 3.0 and SPWW2 7.0

    Still does not work on Windows 2000!
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    pics of people here.

    My tribe. This is two years old.
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    SPWAW mega-campaigns

    I got lost victories but was not happy do to some bugs in the game. I have not check the web to see if they fixed any of the problems they had. But if you still want it let me know what other games you have for trade. I have a wanted list on the board.
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    They changed the end in the last Star Wars

    Watch the ghost in the last sceen!
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    Looking for Air Combat for PSOne

    I checked and could not find it. Must have traded it away. Sorry
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    Some games for sale or trade

    Games I have: ( Some have boxes and manuals) Fighter Squadron " The screamin demons over europe" Panzer Elite Combat Mission Beyond Overlord\ Titans of Steel Ghost Recon + Island thinder+ Deser Siege Mechwarrior 3+ expansion pack Mechwarrior 4 + expansion pack Myth 2 Age of Sail...
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    Looking for Air Combat for PSOne

    Might have this at home. Let me check
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    Beware for Ebay scam! Somebody just paid a lot of money for a BOX!
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    Man On Fire

    The Passion is great. Was wondering about man on fire if it was any good.
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    Starwars episodes 7, 8, 9

    Yea the acting sucked and the same with the story but just like Jurrasic Park the special effects made up for it.