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    RO CG I Started

    That is a very long front line. Who has the most boots to cover that?
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    RO CG I Started

    Ouch, this one is beginning to look like a Russian win. Not taking the Martinovsky is such a big deal because of the extra sniper rolls.
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    RF: X-Tag

    No it is not marked on the map.
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    Red October CG I: X-TAG (2019 AAR)

    The fact that the Russians can buy 3 Inf Coy on the second scenario/first CG Day makes it even more weird, Very poorly done by MMP. Anyway we are about to start the CG, so good that we got this cleared up.
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    Red October CG I: X-TAG (2019 AAR)

    It is very poorly worded, if that is the intention. In any case, I think we have to play it that way because otherwise its going to be game over for the Russians very early.
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    Red October CG I: X-TAG (2019 AAR)

    That's not how I read it. I read it as the RePh is occurring between the scenarios instead of the scenarios occurring back to back. It is still the same CG Day. The rule even explicitly state that there are two scenarios on the same CG Day. Then it states that a RePh has to occur between the...
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    Red October CG I: X-TAG (2019 AAR)

    Looks like you have made invalid purchases on both sides. O11.6195 states that a maximum of 2 infantry company RG's may be purchased per CG Day. The Germans are allowed to buy 2 +2 as per the Historical DRM Chart. However they bought 2 coys on the first scenario and 3 on the second scenario...
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    APCR (ASL Player Comparative Ratings)

    Is the data from august 2017 until now also computed?
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    ASL for Fun JAVA 15 - VASL

    Any plans on a print of the map?
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    Nhpum Ga map in AP 11 or 12?

    Chas, did we ever get an answer to this one?
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    Kenneth Knudsen

    Kenneth Knudsen
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    "Generic" Critical Hit Historical Modules: A New Thing?

    Some people will buy anything with ASL on it, if nothing else, then to just punch the counters, clip their corners and then store them away.
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    Teaser Time again

    What is the reward for investing that much time in joining the playtest? Kenneth
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    Tigers to the Rescue

    Thanx for the AAR :-) Kenneth