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    Boresighting M/HMGs

    C6.41 Bore Sighting may be used only by a Scenario Defender (see Index). All Guns (including only the MA, and SA [Secondary Armament, as per Chapter H Vehicle Listings], of vehicles [EXC: not FT or LATW]) of such a force may be Bore Sighted, but the only SW that can be are MMG, HMG, and light...
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    Big MMP Announcement from Brian

    shows the soft side of our Finnish brothers: "Cut them down."
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    MMP announcement on ConSim

    Brian Youse - Dec 1, 2004 8:17 am (#25410 Total: 25429) "Floop," suggested the tar pit. IMPORTANT MMP ANNOUNCEMENT No, we're not going out of business. No, we haven't run out of Yanks yet. This warehouse relocation situation has us at MMP thinking about pipelines and products and it has...
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    Tacticians or Lawyers?

    InUSA, the term is "playing for the farm":devil: .
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    Getting started in ASL

    Only issue I know has existed since Win95 and the advent of bigger better monitors/videocards. The damned dice look funny, still usable but the dice look funny.
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    HoB Boards

    wait a minute! So Steve let the cat out, thinking chas had let the cat out? What's the rule # for that?:devil:
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    Hmmm, we've covered this ad nausem, but someone always seems to have missed the posts. Neither of the 2 board producers has announced it is going the "unmounted" route. MMP is going with ASLSK style, and HOB is in hopes of continuing the mounted style(they just announced, they thought, they...
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    Yep, as long as you get both, the boards and scenarios. Ditto on all these, but on this one(really sick of fighting for this plaza): How about the above, plus overlays to give other city/town boards their own plaza?
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    What would you Pay ?

    Interesting poll Matt, who ya working with on the new module.:D Oh, just a head's up, the Syops like ya to list your real name in your profile.
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    AT guns and how it works form a newbie

    Hmmm..can't remember the scenario this the one? "9. 7.5cm PaK 97/38: A stop-gap conversion necessitated by the need for more AT guns that could effectively engage the T-34 and KV. It consisted of the barrel from the famous French 75 Model 1897, modified and mounted on a PaK 38...
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    LOS Question

    Hmmm, on VASL it says no, but from the look of it: VASL is right, "(i.e., in a Hill-Orchard hex, LOS that crosses the hill depiction is affected up through level 2; LOS that does not cross the hill depiction is only affected through level 1)". :o
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    Battlefield Integrity (revisited, again)

    Funny, I find all the optionals are just chrome that adds nothing in the way of "realism", just an appearance of same if you take the events being "simulated" as relevent to the time spent playing, not the time being "simulated" by the scenario. Take a 10 turn scenario, in the 4-8 hours you...
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    New Kind Of Urban Geo-maps

    Same vague recall, too.:drink:
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    A11.8 Street Fighting/CC Reaction Fire

    This the Q&A? A11.41 & A11.8 May Infantry using Street Fighting CC withdraw? A. Only if they actually Ambush (A11.4) the vehicle in the CCPh. (Although they qualify for all the other benefits of Ambush, unless they actually Ambush the enemy, Infantry Street Fighting in a road hex must return...
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    Chapter H US Ordnance Note 1 & Z1.518 RG O2

    Hard call, note for O2 says: "g) Maximum of two pre-registered hexes per OBA module purchased." The only "module" Listed for purchase is the 100mm. But could argue that the 60mm "module" is inherent, and thus also "puchased".:confused: