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    Battle of Stones River Pt 1

    That's a great write-up. Thank you for sharing it. Yeah, the darn AI. I refuse to play at all except against a real person.
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    "Big Ten" just gets weirder

    yuck and yuck. What silly names
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    Opponents Wanted for CM, EAW, Nappy, SQB

    Greetings Rob! I'd suggest you post your request in the individual gaming forums. Some of the more active players never venture outside their games home.
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    Gettysburg Campaign I

    Nice, that will earn you some good VPs! So that's the end of Day 2? Can you do a jump shot next time?
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    Looking for my 1st game

    I like to do artillery capture too.
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    Looking for my 1st game

    Welcome to the wonderful world of PBEM! I wish I could offer a game but I'm behind on what I do have going on. But someone will come along soon.
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    Looking for an opponent for Antietam

    Welcome aboard! I hope you pick up an opponent soon. Unfortunately, my dance card is full.
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    Peninsula Campaign

    Sorry, yes! I did a campaign as the Rebs already so how about I play the Yanks this time?
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    Peninsula Campaign

    This is really my favorite in the series. What are you interested in? A battle or campaign?
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    Gettysburg Campaign I

    Thanks for the updates Mark. I love keeping up with your campaign. Could you post a pic of the jump map? Helpful in seeing the overall situation from the Yank viewpoint.
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    Gettysburg Campaign I

    very interesting. I like how you are trying to grab some initiative instead of allowing the Rebels to operate at will.
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    Gettysburg Campaign IV

    I hate to hear that. You were doing a great job with the AAR.
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    Wii availability for Christmas

    Sometimes our local stores still run out. The challenge now is getting the Wii Fit! My wife finally got on last Sunday by being at Target at 8 am. She arrived at 8:02 and folks were already walking out with 2 or 3 (off to eBay they go). The store was setup like Christmas time with extra staff...
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    Gettysburg Campaign IV

    I've enjoyed it too! How's the battle going?
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    Campaign Peninsula PBEM anyone?

    runner dispatched :p