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    Thrown DC malfunction

    Merci Philippe!
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    Thrown DC malfunction

    A DC is thrown into an ADJ hex. Attack vs target hex is resolved normally. Attack vs thrower's hex is resolved, resulting in a malfunction. Questions: does time travel exist? Did the first attack happen? Does anything dictate which attack happens first? Does the first attack now "un-happen"...
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    Time on Target SSRs

    I'm looking to play TOT42 Thunderbolts and there is a reference to Hasty Roadblocks (TOT SSR 5). Could anyone tell me either what the content of that SSR is or where I can find the TOT SSRs? I think there were Hasty Roadblocks also in an FT product - are they the same as in the ToT? Thanks.
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    ASL 213 It's So Easy!

    Yes, I do appreciate the attempt to simulate the Recon Patrol. But if the VC had been based only on Prisoners/CVP instead of VP for the other side losing concealment, the Chinese might have the motivation to come after the Rangers and make it fun. But I'm no designer, just a player. So if other...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Forgetting the arty is HUGE in this as it seriously hampers the Slovak advance. Lost this as the Slovaks, but it went to the wire. Fun scenario, but when the dice are bad, the dice are bad.
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    ASL 213 It's So Easy!

    Maybe I'm missing something, but aside from the issues above, this looks like a totally boring scenario. Why would the Chinese ever fire? Or move if they don't have to? Or do anything that might lose them concealment/HIP? Looks like the most excitement the Chinese player will have is seeing snow...
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    Silly After Action Report - Just a Drive Along the Beach

    Always wanted to play this one. Now, not so much. ?
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played ESG46 Mad Mike's Finest Hour, which is often listed on top ten PTO scenario lists. I was little bored, honestly, for the first few turns of maneuver. Then it heated up, but finally the Japanese stuffed the Allied advance short of the exit. It favors the Japanese on ROAR, so we gave the...
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    Dogfight: have you ever done one in ASL

    Yes, in Ozerekya Bay CG. It was so amazing that I don't have any recollection of it except that it happened. :sleep:
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    The American OBA in this one is a nightmare. I probably sent 15-20 tank rounds at him before the 9-2 + infantry took over and broke him. Red cards in 2nd half of the game tamed it after that.
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    "Ignorable" rout destinations

    Thanks. Always thought so but had never seen it stated.
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    "Ignorable" rout destinations

    As a follow up, related, question: when a unit is free "to rout anywhere", must it expend all of its 6 MF or can it stop conveniently along the way, with a friendly leader, for example?
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    Japanese unit about to exit a tunnel in the Advance phase - but the exit hex is rubbled before it can exit.

    Ahhh, so we have, not a precedent but, a subsequent? Or afterthought maybe?
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    Decision at Elst - PTO version of map?

    Exactly. It's all about the mood, man.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played CtR6 Black and Blue Swarms from BFP's Corregidor the Rock module. The only other mention of this on the forum called it a "terrible, terrible scenario", partly because it could be a bug hunt if the Japanese decide not to come out and fight. In our playing the American deployed almost all...