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    B24 Rubble and mortar fire

    This is of those rules you can put to good use when an ssr let's you rubble locations/hexes prior to setup. Had it used against me once to devastating effect. Won't forget that.
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    Changing TCA after firing MA in AFph - legal?

    Got it! What threw me off Jazz was your definitive "Not at all" to changing the TCA using the bmg. The word "relative" is the key here.
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    Changing TCA after firing MA in AFph - legal?

    So, copy what Wayne says, but seems at odds with what Jazz says. If TCA is 1200 to VCA (ie pointing in same direction) and I turn the VCA to 0400 using the BMG, then, if I understand Wayne, the TCA will now be in the same direction as the VCA, ie the same RELATIVE to the VCA, or 0400. But it...
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    Roadblock on the border of a board that the defender is not allowed to set up on

    Yes, while the hexside is blocked, which HEX the roadblock counter is in has all kind of implications and merits reflection.
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    Burning 2 story building and Drifting Smoke

    It took me 15 years playing ASL before I realized this. Certainly adds the Smoke counters to the board...
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    Changing TCA after firing MA in AFph - legal?

    Wait, are you saying that if I have a turreted AFV in a friendly fire phase with TCA and VCA at 12:00 and only one weapon is capable of firing I can pivot either the TCA or VCA but not both? What if the unfired weapon is a BMG, can I change the TCA at all?
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    Grenadier 22 - will it happen?

    Thanks Michael. Looking forward to Grenadier, the Resurrection!
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    AP181 - No Dunkirk ford placement question

    Looking at this but regarding whether the US tanks can Ford the river. B21.4 states that "Entrance of a Water Obstacle hex is usually [now, THAT'S useful!] limited to units on bridge boat or amphib vehicle. Otherwise, entrance is limited to swimming or fording by Personnel units." OK, clear...
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    Best Vehicle Names

    I usually start out with my children's names. Then after the unit misses every shot, malfs mgs and bogs I change the name to Sh*@head or F@$kface and, like the children, the unit performs better.
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    Jungle Citadel Part 3

    Placing unit has to survive all Def FIRST Fire. If DC is successfully placed during the MPh without the placing unit pinning or breaking from Def First Fire, then the placing unit can kia/break/pin under Def Final Fire with no effect on the DC attack.
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    Jungle Citadel Part 3

    Indeed, gives additional tactical options when defending vs a DC attacker
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    Grenadier 22 - will it happen?

    Thanks Magnus. :(
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    Grenadier 22 - will it happen?

    Haven't seen any news, nothing on .
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    Three Player Scenarios List

    Would it work to play the old General scenario Timoschenko's Attack as a 3 player, with the 3rd player controlling the Russian reinforcements WITHOUT coordination with other Russian player, ie. with realistic Russian C2?