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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Figuring out the LOS alone makes this an advanced scenario.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played this too as IJA. Sent all but one leader and two squads (HIP on bd36 to grab vc hexes there at end game) against hill on bd37. Lost my two -1 leaders almost immediately as well as the support fire they were dircting. Assault force did ok, but with inneffective supporting fire ended up...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Use the IIFT and you can get to 3 FP in a jiffy!
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    Played that one and lost when a German sniper took out my HS guarding a gazillion prisoners, who of course rearmed to take back the village. Great fun.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Quite different from my recent Thai Hot experience, as the Thais. Only killed 1 HS during the landing, couldn't pass an MC, and my opponent did an excellent job of shifting around to exploit openings. Over on T3. Fun though, would play again.
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    Why I Love ASL: An Anecdote

    Great story though...
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    By the way, if you like reading about the Crete campaign, try Ten Days to Destiny by G.C. Kiriakopoulus.
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    Loved your Merkur map and especially playing the Op Merkur Tavronitis Bridge scenario in Crete the evening after visiting the real location. You captured the terrain well. Those reed beds are incredible!
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    Although ascerbic, Bruce's thinking is very clear. No overlays = no effect on hexsides.
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    If I'm playing the Brits, than damn straight it is worth a rules question! Given that Magnus lost by quite a bit as the Brits with the hedges/walls, I would tend to lobby for including them.
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    Why is it that a CX unit cannot interdict? It is not a LOS Hinderance?

    It's all about Open Ground isn't it? Any +1DRM, no "OG", no Interdiction.
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    Abandon tank sleaze and "immobility"

    Well a Ritterkreuz for even thinking about doing that!!
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    Acquired Targets

    Your situation Joe was different from the original one in that you have multiple units, hence the acquisition owner has a choice.
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Ok, not simple! Thanks for putting the thought into it...but please don't lose the will to live over this!
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    Dien Bien Phu campaign game

    Always intrigued, but every time I start looking at the PL rules, the air goes out of the balloon of enthusiasm. This gets worse as the years go by and good CGs get published by MMP, FT, LC, etc with very workable CG rules. That just makes PL look that much less worth the effort. I'd love it if...