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  • Not even close to 100%. Have more movement in my arm & hand but still unusable. Fingers move almost fully but they have their moments. My leg is about the same but I can still walk without a cane. It's a long road but when I think back to where I was (about a month after the stroke) about a year ago, I could barely walk again and arm/hand didn't work at all. Still got a ways to go.

    I know Tate sometimes is kinda joking and doesn't take all this too seriously but I felt like having a go at him. Plus Doggie is so over the top sometimes I just felt like wading in. I'll soon go back to posting jokes and one liners with lots of smilies. :)

    I see you have a hard on for Dorosh. I think he likes making enemies on the forum. He currently is on ignore for almost all the ASL forum except the Mila 18 gang. I think he likes pulling you guys chains like Tate does the Dems. ;)

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