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    Rare & OOP ASL gear posted on eBay ending sunday 5/13/18

    Hello Everyone: Haven't been to this site in quite some time! I am trying to raise some cash & so am I am, regrettably, letting some of my very rare OOP TPP ASL gear go. Some of the items are: the three early Waffen SS packs from HOB, HOB Tarawa module (the original version), HOB King of the...
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    Stars in shadow new 4x strategy game

    Hello fellow gamers: I recently purchased this 4x space strategy game (similar to masters of orion). It's been out a little less than a year & I love it! I created my very first gameplay & tutorial video using OBS (open broadcasting software) & adobe premiere pro to edit. I'm playing hard with...
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    History Channel's The World Wars

    I noticed some serious errors: they noted the size of the German army invading france in '40 as 8 million, really??? I seem to remember 1.8 million (though I cannot remember the source from among all the WW2 books I've read over my lifetime). Also, they noted the reason for Japan invading the...
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Still enjoying the hell out've dominions 4, well worth $35
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    I don't have a problem with bugs generally, they have an important place in the environment ... I just hate when bugs feel that their environment has now become the house (my environment). ... I have this one horrendous story about a roach, about 8 years ago. I usually keep a glass of sprite or...
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    I've been playing Dominions 3 on my spare time, a very good indie fantasy strategy game (conquer provinces with mideaval-era armies to get more money, more resources, more gemstones which are used for magic), have to conduct research to unlock more powerful spells for your mages (you can kind of...
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    Star Trek 2: Into the Darkness :thumup:

    They probably wanted to start from a blank slate. I mean, there are entire star trek cannons where virtually every incident involving star trek has been mapped out already in time-line. I picked up one of the star trek encyclopedias at a discount some years back. An entirely new timeline means...
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    Family fantasy football league, questions

    People in my family are huge sports fans. I recently was invited to participate in the upcoming season (2013/2014); The draft is to start around august IIRC. There's 10 people in this league including my brother, 3 nephews, 1 niece, a few other people who are friends of my nephews. In this...
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    C'mon Ladies, one pound fish, hava hava look, one pound fish !

    Just saw this on CNN, cracked me up :laugh:
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    'Spartacus' star Whitfield dies of lymphoma at 39

    Wow, I was wondering why his character suddenly changed between season 1 and season 2. I didn't know that he died. He did a great job in the blood & sand season 1. I'm sorry to hear that he died, way too young. He did a very good acting job on the show. If you like season 1 you'll like season...
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    What "Scary" film do you like?

    There's so many great scary movies, hard to name them all. I prefer well made scary movies with good acting: Aliens Wrong Turn The Descent The Thing Drag me to Hell The Ring Blair Witch Project The Shining Halloween The Mist Hellraiser Sixth Sense Rec Evil Dead II and I Zombies (anything Lucio...
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    Iron Sky

    There's a snow nazi movie on sy fy tonight at 7pm :D
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    Star Trek 2: Into the Darkness :thumup:

    Star Trek 2, Into the Darkness comes out may 17, 2013 :thumup: .... can't wait
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    computer games: Dominions 3, Conquest of Elysium 3, Warlock master of the arcane, civ V, colonization
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    Pitch Black

    Good si fi movie, Vin Diesel was great as riddick, he played in SPR too ... would've been nice if he'd got to do the knife fight scene with ss guy at the end of the movie.