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    CyberVASL XII

    I'd love to take last spot if still available - email sent yesterday to the Cyber VASL email above.
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    Looking for one more PBEM game

    Got my game, thanks all.
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    Looking for one more PBEM game

    Nothing too fancy, ETO mid to smallish size. Can usually turn a log or two a day, anybody up for a friendly game? Thanks guys.
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    Gun starting scenario Hooked Up

    Thanks men, makes good sense. Playing Oy Veghel with choice of either leaving AT Gun emplaced, but in the middle of the road, or push it somewhere, or tow it somewhere.
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    Gun starting scenario Hooked Up

    May a Gun start a scenario hooked up? There is no SSR in this scenario either allowing or disallowing it. Closest I can find in the rules is C11.3 below, which implies yes. 11.3 If a Gun starts a scenario hooked up or manned by a non-crew unit, moves, or its manning Infantry voluntarily...
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    Looking for PBEM game

    This forum is active and fast, victim, excuse me, opponent found. Watch me get punished for that quip. Roll low men.
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    Looking for PBEM game

    Been a year or so since I've pushed cardboard pieces around so probably a little rusty but want to get back in ASL shape. Who's up for a mid to small size ETO scenario and a chance at cardboard glory? I can usually turn a log or two a day. Please PM me if interested, thanks all.
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    A17.2 Carrying an SMC

    A17.2 A wounded man who is not portaging a SW may be carried by any Good Order MMC at a cost of five PP. A wounded leader's two MF bonus for accompaniment throughout the MPh still applies." So a squad carrying a wounded SMC has 4MF? Calculated as ordinarily 4MF, less two MF for the excess...
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    A4.44 Recovery and A23.3 DC Placement

    Very convincing, and makes sense, thank you both.
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    A4.44 Recovery and A23.3 DC Placement

    A squad possessing a Demo Charge finds itself Adjacent to a stack of enemies and attempts to place the DC as its first action in the Mph. The enemies fire promptly breaking the squad. A nearby friendly leader moves into the now broken squad's hex and, following A4.44, recovers the DC from the...
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    A8.3 Subsequent First Fire - Known enemy unit restriction

    Say a unit wishes to fire again using SFF at a unit 3 hexes away, but there is an enemy unit 2 hexes away, who happens to be out of LOS of the Firer, but unconcealed, and in LOS to several other units (just not the unit firing). In other words, a Known enemy unit at 2 hex range to pretty much...
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    Use of Vehicle Sized Factory Entrance using by-pass

    Playing Into the Rubble which by SSR allows for railroad tracks that enter a Factory to be treated as a Vehicle Sized Entrance (B23.742, O5.2). Is is legal to enter the factory via bypass and still use the Vehicle Sized Entrance (VSE), specifically, in the attached photo, bypass along the V7 /...
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    Objective Schmidt on VASL?

    Did the gnomes answer the ping?
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    Timing of Melee Counter placement

    You guys are money. Thanks. Beers on me.