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    St Louis ASL Tourney July 24-26, 2020.

    I will not be going to the St.Louis Tourny this year. I will miss this greatly as Jim Burris does a great job running this event and Jeff Ital and I will not be able to play our annual ass-beating game, where one of us (victim to be determined) receives a thorough thrashing by the other. My wife...
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    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    Our church has been open for the last 3 weeks and we take extraordinary precautions to protect our congregation. Everyone wears masks at all times, all ushers and servers wear disposable gloves, no hand shaking, no hugging, no common cup for wine, no hymnals or pencils or materials of any kind...
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    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    I am currently on the fence about attending as my wife and I are both diabetics. I have been wearing a mask when I go out as the health people say it is necessary, but I certainly do not enjoy it. On the positive side I could dispense with mouthwash as no one would smell my breath, The only...
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    I might grab the latest offering from Critical Hit. I figure if I am stranded for an extended time I could finish play testing it!
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    Missing Familiar Faces From FtF ASL?

    Thank you for this David!
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Since the Chicago tournament was cancelled due to Covid -19 my opponent and I decided to play 6 scenarios from the Chicago playlist for our own little tourny. So far I have won RPT 167 Meatchoppers with Knives as the U.N., RPT 162 Armor at Kumchon as the NKPA, and FT 253 Axis and Allies as the...
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    David Stahel's latest book

    Yeah, I've read both of these books as well. I make a point of picking up any new books by David Stahel.
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    David Stahel's latest book

    Been reading Retreat from Moscow by David Stahel and found something I had never read about before. Apparently one of the ways the Germans kept their bolt mechanism on their machine guns from freezing was to pour a small amount of gasoline on the bolt mechanism and light it. Otherwise they...
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I picked up the latest Mach Madness scenario pack Full Rulebook ASL. I was thinking the title of this pack indicates that I will have to exercise some of my ASL brain cells which I fear are starting to atrophy. I have played scenarios from these folks in the past and have enjoyed them.
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    Pandemic delays printing2

    Thank you for the update. The people of Italy are in our prayers as they work to rid themselves of this virus scourge.
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    Yes the ASL OPEN is Still Happening

    I will have tissues, hand-sanitizer, and bleach wipes with me, but these are all for DeVries lol!
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    konigsberg HASL

    Mark DeVries and I played a scenario from this pack. KBR#4 Officer's Mess. We liked it and I am sure will play more from this.
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    Yes the ASL OPEN is Still Happening

    Jeff DeYoung and Mark DeVries will be there. Mark is planning on winning the tourney, while I am available for 6 lucky players to pad their victory totals! Looking forward to this very much, David runs a top notch tournament.
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    Gamer's Armory and MMP forge new partnership

    Congratulations Scott! My experience with Gamer's Armory has always been top notch, so I am sure that Scott's presence at MMP will be a real positive.
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    2020 ASL OPEN

    I will be there, drop the check in the mail tomorrow.