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    Opponent Needed for Playtest

    Looking for a PBEM opponent for the scenario "Deep Battle 1930". Either side is ok. Thanks.
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    Operation Lion de Mer 2004 - JLB vs Chuck

    Bump. Old AAR of Lion de Mer 2004. There are some text errors in some of the reports. Don't know what happened there.
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    map designing

    I suggest you use ODD if you haven't done so already.
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    Solution to the Beachhead supply problems

    Supply isn't determined by hex possesion. It's determined by whether there are enemy units around to block the supply lines. In the picture there are no enemy units to block the flow of supply.
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    Solution to the Beachhead supply problems

    Looks good. The ability to have different supply levels depending on the landing location is useful.
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    TOAW development journal

    Nice looking map.
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    German-Polish war

    Anyone up for a drink between rounds? :drink: :laugh:
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    Pacific Theatre Scenario--Large.

    If you want playtesters for this, I can help you out (slowly though).
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    Im Stuck

    Been there, done that.
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    Hi - I've started down this road with Zero Hour. Each aircraft carrier is made up of two pieces of aircraft carrier equipment. This allows for each carrier to have both a fighter and bombing unit and gives the carrier units some additional survivability. More "hulls" aren't really needed...
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    How would you change the carrier units?
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    Gothic Line Playtester

    Looking for a playtester. The scenario features about 350 units on each side and covers 20 turns from late-August to late-October 1944 in Northern Italy.
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    Operation Lion de Mer 2004 - JLB vs Chuck

    Post Scenario Changes Overall this was a good scenario to play and JLB taught me a few things about air mobile operations. However, JLB is planning a few changes based on this playtest. He will add a few more brigades to the Coalition side to give them greater ground strength in the middle of...
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    Operation Lion de Mer 2004 - JLB vs Chuck

    Overview Overview Important Events Turn 01 - EU begins surprise attack on the UK! Turn 02 - Norway allows USAF to use their airfields. Turn 04 - Canada votes to send troops to the UK. Turn 04 - Quebec province rebels against the Canadian central government. Turn 08 - Canada puts...
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    Operation Lion de Mer 2004 - JLB vs Chuck

    The End Has Arrived Turn 21 - JLB triggered the fall of Manchester on the previous turn without actually taking the city. Oh well, there is no reason to drag this out at this point. It was going to happen in the next several turns anyway plus Scotland is already lost. Let's just finish...