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    Raise your hand if you have not played a scenario from the Forgotten War module

    Not yet. Night Rules are not popular in my group, which eliminates several scenarios. in the box. I am intrigued though and would like to get one on the table (Maybe ROK and a Hard Place) on the table before year's end.
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    Vic Provost MIA Explained

    Feel better Vic! Have a safe and speedy recovery. One of the great guys in the hobby - haven't met in person yet, but our correspondence over the years has been ever professional, friendly and courteous.
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    How Often Do You Intensive Fire?

    I am defintiely rsing Intensive Fire way more than I used to. You get over that fear of the malf when you get the rush of the kill - and reading JR's article really helped sway my opinion. Last game I played - Eye of the Tiger form the WCW pack, I malf'ed two T-34 tubes hooting at Pumas...
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    Japanese Scenario Recommendation

    Nunshigum [SP125] is a tournament staple and a really good little infantry only firefight. Playable in an evening, it is subtle for both sides and you need to maximize deception and PTO terrain as the Japanese to hold off the more numerous and really tough Gurkhas. Pretty sure this one came out...
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    Your all time top 10 scenarios

    Amen. Exactly what happened to me and my OP tank. Don't know where to put that guy so he can see the village and bring the thunder, without him getting sniped form overwatch.
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    Your all time top 10 scenarios

    @ Spencer: J121 Schloss Hemingstein nearly made my list as well. One of my favorites of the past decade. i just couldn't get the pillbox setup correct and the US player rolled my SS - but the Terrain and the situation are fascinating. Surprised I don't see it on more lists.
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    Top 10 Favorite Original AH Scenarios

    Bucholz Station (ASL Classic) even after all these years, still a fave Defiance on Hill 30 (Paratrooper) - one of my favorite paratrooper scenarios White Tigers (Annual 92)- as per the toher thread Cold Crocodiles (Annual 90) - love those FT tanks! The Fugitives (Beyond Valor)- really captures...
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    Your all time top 10 scenarios

    10: Bucholz Station (ASL I) GIS in a chow line as the German Bulge offensive breaks over them....get that .50 on the hill and try to slow up the juggernaut - still fun after all these years. 9. Acts of Defiance (A68): Have won and lost it twice with both sides - just so much late war fun and...
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    What Constitutes being an ASL Player?

    I agree with Mr Probst. If you do not fit one of his first three qualifications, you are not an ASL player. anything else - form SK only to Festung Budapest CG only and everything in between - you are an ASL player.
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    Buchholz Station...

    Yeah - those trucks are pretty much just VP for the German. Hide them or get them out of there ASAP. They a re included more for flavor than for game mechanics. Just played this one over the holidays - still holds up after all these years.
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    Latino Block Vote?

    I have no issue with it. Political blocks are the building blocks of democracy - the GOp needs to embrace Latinos - they are a natural constituency for us. Glad Trump will pay a price for his rhetoric. BTW - look at the numbers of low information whites who are voting for trump. Pretty damn...
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    FBI reopening case on Clinton

    Yep - he was just covering his ass. They still can't make anything stick to her, but at least she will be damaged when she takes office. Assclown will probably go back to saying the FBI is rigged again after tickling their ass all of last week. Thanks again, Tea Party.
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    Trump and the party

    I'm not even entertaining the possibility. Its not even that interesting of a hypothetical. #Never trump
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    Trump is done

    Well played. Truly creepy
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    Trump is done

    Guaranteed Civil War? Guaranteed national bankruptcy? Just to be clear...we are exaggerating for effect here, right?