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    Warfare HQ and Armchair General to join forces with new forum!

    Hello, I think this has to do with politics. I've noticed that in here, it's a bit more conservative if only in foreign policy, while WarfareHQ is more decidedly liberal on most of political and military issues. Could that be the reason why some of WarfareHQ posters are afraid of the...
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    Rome: Total War Demo is out! Woot!!!

    Hello, For the record, you can get a small demo mod at Gamespot that will let you play as Romans in the demo. What do I think of the game? Well, First of all, let me be a bit more critical of this game. The inferface wasn't like what I expected from Total War series. The cursor moved...
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    Rome: Total War Demo is out! Woot!!!

    Hello, I can't post a link, because it belongs to a private forum, of which I am a member. I am not allowed to post this link outside of this private forum, because it would mean its bandwidth will get raped by everybody here. However, I do have screenshots for you all to enjoy. These...
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    Rome: Total War Demo is out! Woot!!!

    Hello, Good news to all Total War fans out there! Rome: Total War Demo is out right now! I'm downloading it as I'm typing this post! Hehe. I will let you all know how it is and especially what graphics is like.... Dan
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    Doom 3 is for the birds...

    Don Maddox, I also have Doom 3, and I have to say, I think I am far more scared than you are! Because the game is based on sounds so much more than most FPS, I've often had to take extra precautions not to be surprised by zombies or monsters coming out of nowhere. I love it a lot! The...
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    WWII Online

    Hello, I do play this game a lot. I really love it a lot. Please take time and read my squad website. ;) It's If you do decide to join WWIIOL, please check up our squad, we're one of the top Axis squads in the game. We're the most feared squad, because we...
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    Matrix-like deaths in Doom 3 screenshots!

    Hello, I thought it was funny when I killed a zombie. He didn't just drop to the floor. He died in a Matrix-like way...hehe....
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    World War II Online (with Screenshots)

    Hello, Let me welcome you here, fellow squaddie! This is Picard90, I am surprised to see you posting here, though I noticed your post count is really noobish! ;) I think you already who I am, since I use the same signature as in OT forums. But I thought I'd let you know...hehe...
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    What is your favourite sport?

    The path to glory lies not in hockey but in American Football, more specifically in Green Bay Packers! Let Favre return in all glory to Super Bowl in 2005! Dan
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    flight sims?

    No, I used to play IL-2 demo, and didn't really like it a lot. Dan
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    flight sims?

    Yes, IL-2 can be played online. Dan
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    flight sims?

    Hello, After taking a look at IL-2 games, I think I should stick to Wing Commander and Descent: Freespace games, they're much easier to beat. :D Dan
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    The Lord of the Rings

    Hello, When I began watching the movie, I soon realized the fantasy genre wasn't just my thing...I wasn't too impressed with them. They were long and full of gibberish...I nearly fell asleep... Never understood why so many people are obsessed with LOTR thing... But then that's just me...
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    Kuma War demo is out...

    Hello, Is anybody interested in the latest demo, actually a public beta client, Kuma War? I've been checking up on it periodically, it appears to be an interesting game, it attempts to recreate some actual battles or operations initiated in real life, basing on real life data. For...
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    Sex roles in humans

    Thanks for showing your true colors.... :rolleyes: Dan