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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Today (well yesterday) me and my also-learning ftf buddy played Gavin Take for the second time, with nigh-on full rules. Some of the terrain rules are still a bit confusing, but it was a blast overall. We played in our FLGS, amongst a large-ish contingent of Keyforge tournament players, who I...
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    VASL & FtF opponents wanted

    I have some opponents lined up now. Thanks for reading everyone..
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    VASL & FtF opponents wanted

    Hi folks, I have around a dozen games (some under experienced tutelage) under my belt of ASLSK#1 scenarios, reasonably good grasp of these rules. I also have newly acquired BV and the full rules. I am eager to learn as much as possible (keep reading chapter A when going to bed!) as I would...
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    New member arriving from the UK

    Hello folks, I'm from E.Sussex, UK. Got the rules and ASLSK#1 about 2 years ago - had a few games and half a dozen tutorials under Pat Ireland, then stopped playing and forgot about ASL :| Now i'm freshly obsessed once again, got BV (1st edition :( ) recently, and am lucky to have a similar...