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    Wanted: Playtest Help

    I'm looking for these things: 1. A few dedicated "pairs" of players who would be interested in running playtest scenarios to help complete them for MMP, including switching sides & playing each a 2nd time, if needed. and 2. I'm also looking for an individual who could commit to 1 or 2 VASL...
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    I figured you had to be dead to still be on the ASLML.
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    Map bundle

    We will almost certainly reprint some older boards at the same time, and extras for individual sale. It's the best use of the larger quantities; we get a better price overall.
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    Roma 2020?

    Personally? I'd use the lower number in all cases. Seems pretty logical to my little pea brain. But no one ever accused me of thinking too much.
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    Roma 2020?

    Fertile ground for common sense.
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    vASLOK I

    I hope he sanitizes it.
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    Bog Check Modifier for Bocage

    ...12. Another very common occurrence.
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    BoF2 missing 2 scenarios?

    Tom, probably just a collate error. Ping the office, and they'll send you the missing card.
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    Illuminating Rounds Episode 30

    Tuomo & Tom, very nice job. And it's fascinating to watch the game play out at a much faster-than-normal speed.
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    vASLOK I

    So if I already have 3.4.3 and VASL 6.6.0 can I revert somehow?
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    New Items up at MMP - Best of Friends 2, Roma 2020 and AP 15 Swedish Volunteers

    These are not preorders; all three are printed and on sale.
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    Swedish Volunteers?

    Nope, board 85.
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    Board 85?

    And how much longer will that be?
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    Board 85?

    85 will be in the upcoming Best of Friends 2.