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  • Charlie , Yes i make dice towers, they are made of aluminium, with 4 ramps to tumble the dice,the ramps and tray are covered with rubber to deaden the noise and the base is covered in a type of foam. they are designed to take the mmp dice others can be used tho like the schwerepunkt ones available through Andy Ashton at Second Chance Games.
    The towers stand at between 5 and 6 inches, 2" square and are 5" long. i sell them at £25 each plus postage, if you are interested let me know. also if you are looking for and oop scenario packs etc let me know and i will send you a disc of what you want at no cost
    Hi Charlie,

    I noticed you visited my home page and so I looked you up. I see you are from the UK. Where abouts are you? Are you new to ASL? I hope you find useful stuff here at the Forum. It can get a bit rowdy, but generally its great fun! Welcome.

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