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  • Hi there,

    Yup, I've only posted once (I tend to be rather quiet I suppose) but I enjoy reading the different discussions and AARs. I play VASL PBEM regularly and I'm sometimes on the server. I'd definitely enjoy some live play, although I'd really have to get my counters sorted. Aaggh! I met a lot of local players at the Southern Ontario ASL tournaments which we had a few years back in Burlington. It was quite interesting and I learned a lot.

    I'd be up for some live ASL in Toronto. I know one other guy in Barrie who plays but he's very busy with his family too. I've met Eric Laimier (?) from Mississauga and I remember some of the guys from Toronto who came to the tournament in Burlington.

    Anyway, definitely no HMG ambush here! Only in Red Barricades!

    Hey, Clayton. Glad to "meet" you. Love your handle, apropos, since I've never seen you post. :) I'm just glad you didn't pop up with an HMG. I've talked to a number of local ASLers in one form or another. Being new-ish to Toronto, I've been making some effort to find them (though VASL is my main source, as well). I even made some noise around Christmastime about starting a GTA ASL "club," but I've been so busy since 1/1 I haven't pursued that any further. VASL's great, but something like monthly FtF would sure be nice.

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