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    Caso DB - The IndoChine Regime

    THX for your work, will try this as soon as possible.
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    AAR: MatchPlay [MP] (NL)

    3:34:47 hours This game should have an intemediate or operational level mode where you give orders and the AI does the micromanagement.
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    AAR: The Last Exocet

    Nice AAR Here is a very interesing article about searching methods used by Argentine navy
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    AAR: Ingress [MP] (USSR) a.k.a "The Dance of the Vampires"

    200 ASM s - 22 Backfires = 1 Shot ....It s always a real challenge to attack a CVBG in Harpoon. Nice battle !!
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    AAR: Correo Entrante

    Hey glad to see you met VC here, I tried this scen a couple of times but was distracted by some issues and never returned to finish it.
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    AAR: White Phoenix

    I think this scen is impossible to win in a MP match.This scen should belong to the ITW Battleset (Impossible To Win) lol You took some advantages of solitaire gameplay ( i.e. laucnhed the Hawkeye and inmediately set sensors to active, a sure suicidal task in MP ) but that was not sufficient...
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    AAR: Night Raiders

    Good scen,good battle and right tactic. But you should change the scen name from "Night Raiders" to "Suicidal Raiders", I don´t see a single chance of winning from the DPRK side. :smoke:
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    AAR Ghost Carrier HUE

    Today I decided to try this new release from the Indochine Battleset. The strategic idea is : 1-To block aerial attacks from Indochina,covering that aerial corridor with Harriers, Typhons and F-16 . 2-To use Helos with sonobuoys searching for enemy goblins who may appear on the road home...
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    Caso DB - The IndoChine Regime

    Sorry, a pair of fool´s questions : I downloaded the updated scen from HPlonk (08-1CoralA1.scn) but I guess the name should be Ghost I right ?? Anyway, if I put the file into scens folder the program says that doesn´t match current database. Any help will be great. Thanks
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    Caso DB - The IndoChine Regime

    Nice to see that new and quality scens are on the way.
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    AAR: Baltic Sea Struggle

    Really a good idea to use the VCR to make this AAR, an interesting game of surface action to prepare the players for future wins ( or losses) Thanks guys for this video :smoke:
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    AAR: Fox Hunt

    You were lucky,those Grisha touched really close, I believe that intermitent radar should be used from vessels when trying to catch some surface signature from a sub. But I am sure thatTLAMs alerted the enemy about your presence and if the scenario duration were 24 hours more the end of the...
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    Harpoon Scenario Design Site

    Re: Harpoon 3 scenarios for the PlayersDB Regarding this historical conflict, here you can know the exact situation of the Argentine Navy at this time :
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    Harpoon Scenario Design Site

    Re: Harpoon 3 scenarios for the PlayersDB Thx for your work ( "only 74 new scens this year" ... lol...)