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    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    This came right down to the wire. What Will fails to mention, and certainly deserves acknowledgment, is that he suggested we revisit the endgame after he realized I would not be pinned after advancing into bamboo like we both assumed. Considering the importance of this CC, the fact that we...
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    CyberVASL X

    Jeff Buser's Russians will be attacking Ivan Kent's Germans in J188 Grab and Go.
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    No message there, Will. I think we are matched up in VASL League though so we will have to...

    No message there, Will. I think we are matched up in VASL League though so we will have to touch base at some point.
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    Concealment and Irrigated Paddies

    Assuming LOS from a same-level KEU exists, can a unit maintain concealment if they assault move or advance into an irrigated paddy if all hexsides have banks?
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    Routing question

    Only if they could rout to the hex 3MF away without going through OG. They do not necessarily have to take the shortest route, but do need to declare that their destination and, of course, cannot move away and then closer again to a KEU. This is also assuming NQ is not in effect, in which case...
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    How to change a vasl map name/id?

    I haven't tried it, but couldn't you just go in your Boards folder and change the name from bdDBP to bdXYZ?
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    ASL104 Hill of Death

    So I am pretty confused by SSR2 which says "All Crag are Shellholes, Cliffs are NA (treat as Double-Crest hexsides where applicable). All hedge and (previously) cliff hexsides are Bocage." The only exceptions I see to what are not double-crest hexsides are C5/B4 and N5/M5 (these are all on...
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    Batisse Boards

    I actually question how accurate the HT map LOS is on VASL considering the hexes used are normal sized versus the larger hexes that come on the HASL map. I already know the VBM tool doesn't work and you have to pull the real map to check.
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    Batisse Boards

    Thanks, Will! Points to ponder. Not a bad attempt I might add at correcting the errors.
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    Batisse Boards

    Does anybody know how closely the Batisse boards mirror the official boards? I really like the look of them, but hesitate to use them in case the hindrances and obstacles aren't the same.
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    Bombardment and concealment loss

    Not if they pass. This is handled prior to the start of play. C1.82 specifically says "passing the 2MC has no effect on HIP/"?" status." Broken units of course cannot be concealed regardless.
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    ASL 121 End Station Budapest SSR 3 Question

    Understood, and much appreciation is to be awarded for the people that do all that hard work, but this should be addressed in official errata at some point. Because it is very confusing as currently written.
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    ASL 121 End Station Budapest SSR 3 Question

    With my suspicion about the original A25.8 confirmed I believe they do say the same thing and that SSR3 is just sloppy in the sense that it wasn't properly revised.
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    ASL 121 End Station Budapest SSR 3 Question

    Except that SSR3 clearly says broken morale one greater than printed. I would argue that the wording on the scenario card was made before any 2nd Edition addendum. PM forthcoming regarding your other question.