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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    You really should play it, Tom. It's a classic.
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    Errata for Morire in Belleza PBP #22

    My card matches von Marwitz (it shows three 8-0s, but I know errata says there should only be two). I thought this was a great scenario, though I do believe the Italians can have more go wrong.
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    A7.9 Cowering - 'Vehicular Fire'

    I will add my two cents and say that I believe Passengers/Riders would be subject to cowering. "Vehicular MG Fire, Movement, Sized Entrance, and Target Hits" are all covered in the index. These all clearly relate to a vehicle. I don't see that "Vehicular Fire" would be any different.
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    Leader CVP

    A26.21 "The total VP value of a side's OB may be altered during play due to circumstances other than elimination/capture/exit (e.g...a leader being Replaced..." So 1 VP
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    Leaving gamesquad

    I too hope you consider sticking around. Your sharing of your vast rules knowledge is an uncountable benefit to the ASL community.
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    Failed Infantry Overrun TC and MF

    I know a unit that fails its TC to conduct an Infantry Overrun cannot do anything further during the MPh, but has it expended any MF for purposes of Defensive Fire? If yes, in general, how many MF would it have spent?
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    ESB and Smoke Dispenser Attempt

    If a tracked vehicle without any MP remaining wishes to attempt a sM, must the ESB roll be made before this attempt, or only if the sM roll succeeds? If the former, does any ESB failure still apply if the sM is unsuccessful?
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    One of the best AARs I've read in a while. Good job!
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    KGS Block Control

    KGS.31 says Block Control involves controlling "currently existing (or in play) Strategic Locations." Per the Glossary, one example of a Strategic Location is a Building. If a building is totally engulfed in Blaze, is this building considered "no longer existing" for Block Control? Or do the...
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    Best Solitaire Scenarios

    Glad to see another person with similar curiosity. Please post any scenarios here that come to you attention that fit the bill and I will do likewise.
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    Saved game/log

    You can certainly do this, and sometimes I am forced to do just so due to time restraints. Remember though that your dice log will start from scratch so the "Data correctly retrieved" message will appear twice in the log.
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    Biazza Ridge pack available for pre-orders!

    As one of the first to put in my pre-order I am very happy to see the support of the ASL community for this project. I've done my share privately to push this through, but special shout-out to Pitman and Olli for their vocal and continuous support.
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    Playing ASK starter kit scenario with Full ASL rules

    Try using Scenario Archive (a great resource) to find other scenarios around that timeframe within similar proximity. The closest I found was AP63-The Nutcracker. That one has both sides with SAN of 3. Otherwise Robin's suggestion is reasonable.
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    Playing ASK starter kit scenario with Full ASL rules

    I have played at least S1 with full ASL rules. I thought it was much-improved. I imagine we played without snipers. A tiny scenario like that can really be thrown off kilter with one sniper activation.
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    Dashing through a road containing a wreck/friendly stopped vehicle

    Perhaps what you were thinking of is the burning wreck rule. In that case the smoke cover is instantaneous.