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    Commissars don't ELR?

    And a 9-0 would disrupt, like any other unit that can't be replaced.
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    Commissars don't ELR?

    I guess I've missed that one too.
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    ASL Scenario HS 13 - The Ravine, SSR question

    I imagine the grain is not in effect, but instead the grain depictions are the outlines of the Level 2 hills (Open Ground).
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    Concealment Loss - Concealed Units in OG

    An unemplaced gun would lose concealment as well. Probably your best point of reference is the Concealment Table.
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    Crest, ADJACENT and FG (B20.91)

    I would think, since it's not a separate Location as you mentioned, that the units would indeed be Adjacent.
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    Ersatz VASLeague 2020

    This is indeed a great scenario.
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    A4.4 errata

    I see no errata either. I find it unlikely, but is it possible you are using a 1st Edition rulebook and there was some change in the 2nd Edition?
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    Gavin Take

    In any case, this is all a moot point for this scenario as that building is outside the German setup area anyway.
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    ‘Best’ large scenario?

    Playing this one now and it's a lot of fun.
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    First Fire question.

    Yes. Even twice if you like as they spent 2MF trying to enter the building.
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    Brevity Assault pack available for pre-orders!

    I know Scott from Gamer's Armory does check this site and provide input but, considering this is buried a bit in this thread, your best bet is probably to contact them directly.
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    Brevity Assault pack available for pre-orders!

    Yes, they have a bundle deal for the two together.
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    2019 AAR

    I was quite disappointed I didn't get to 100 games in 2019 (99), but I did manage to play the same amount of opponents I did the year before (25). My two most common opponents were my old buddy Magnus Rimvall (20) and my new buddy David Murray (17). Almost all of my games are live VASL but, as...
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    ‘Best’ large scenario?

    ASL 74 - Bloody Red Beach ASL J - The Bitche Salient ASL E - Hill 621
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    Peeling concealment using bypass movement.

    Well now that I re-read A12.1 my previous answer needs a bit of a modification, but you have the actual rule reference.