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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Since there's a bit of a Curtis-fest here, I'll echo both Tom and Houlie's sentiments and share my own story about him. Back in 2013, when I first started playing, Curtis was one of the very first people I came in contact with. We met for lunch one day, as he was in my general vicinity for a...
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    Manila question

    Since they are not listed under SF19, are Palm Tree Stump hexes concealment terrain? If not, are they considered open ground for purposes of HIP Fortifications (SF5)?
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    Is A Stiff Fight (J9/147) Balanced?

    I agree in principal that it's balanced, as when I played it years ago it came down to the final CC, but I would choose to defend if given the option due to the fact that it's basically a dense jungle body block scenario.
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Very fun scenario. Be prepared for 20+ hours of goodness.
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    ITR 8 - Beyond the Slaughterhouse...

    I share this assumption as well.
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    ITR 8 - Beyond the Slaughterhouse...

    Chas is active on here and will probably notice this, but you're probably best off asking this in the BFP subfolder.
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    B8.6 Tunnel setup question

    And say the tunnel runs from B1-C1-D1-D2? Sure. The two hexes are within 3 of each other.
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    FB 15 - The Taking of Object 59 question

    I would say "no" if not in bypass, as per A2.9 "A unit/weapon may not set up overstacked or in a hex it could not enter during the normal course of play..." Since a vehicle can only enter a Rail Car hex using VBM, this would preclude it from being able to set up within the Rail Car itself.
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    I find the OBA flowchart on VASL another nice feature to better understand the mechanics of the rules.
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    Dash -

    Green and purple arrows.
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    Melee and concealment

    It may seem weird but, in my opinion, you've quoted the pertinent rules to allow this application.
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    Melee and concealment

    That's the way I've always played it, yes.
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    CC ambush

    A11.41 allows all, some, or none of the units to ambush withdrawal. They could choose to go anywhere except K3. Any units that withdraw are not required to all go to the same hex either, though they certainly may.
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    Scen. E Hill 621 Pre-game TC

    I would in fact say that a leadership modifier must be applied, as per A10.72. I also agree with your reading of SSR2 that any units which break are not subject to any further LLMC/LLTC. You'll have fun with this golden oldie!
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    Columbus Area Advanced Squad Leader Meeting

    Yes. As far as I know, it still meets once per month if there's enough interest. I imagine he will get back to you, but I play with Scott tomorrow and I'll mention you're looking for him.