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  • Greetings, I've been getting the hang of the Jutland editor and I had an idea for a patch to the Jutland editor... I actually love this game now…LOL

    Give the editor the ability to place shore batteries by making "gun battery emplacements" sort of like a ship except you'd have to place it on land... What would be cool about them is because they are classed like a ship you could target the battery area with your ships and damage it till its guns were silent. Maybe even model in an ammo bunker for spectacular critical hits. Another cool feature would be the ability to put down water marks on the map to mark objectives for scenarios.

    Anyways Jess told me I can ask you to put shore batteries on the map of a scenario a few of the MP guys and I am working on.

    Are you willing to help us/me with this?

    I worked on the Steel Panthers world at War “Das Reich” campaign team as a scenario developer over at the Depot…

    Commander Klank

    Hi BH,

    Gascan and I are working on a Dogger Bank scenario, possibly substituting Von Der Tann for Blucher or leaving her out for balance. My sources are Conways 1906-1921, Wikipedia, and www.worldwar1.co.uk. I've gotten an OOB together, but I don't have very good information on the positions of each ship in the two fleets, and what they were doing. Could you help shed some light on this, or recommend some better sources?

    A few specific questions:
    1) What course were the Germans and British sailing when they came in contact?
    2) How were the British scouting forces arranged?
    3) How were the German scouting forces arranged, and where were the destroyers G-12 and V-178?
    4) What is the approximate range and bearing at first contact?
    Fantastic job on Jutland. Please send my regards to Jim. He's an old friend from our board game days back in the 1980s. Tell him I wish all of you continued success at SES.
    Laurence Russell
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