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    Concealment Gains

    Agreed. Once a LOS to an attempted concealment gain is confirmed, no further LOS checks are allowed. Definately something to consider when trying to gain concealment. The same goes when moving concealed units. Moving such into a location with questionable LOS gives the defender a free LOS...
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    Interdiction by pre42 Nazi paratroopers

    I see you had the same idea I had Troy.... In this instance, a broken allied mmc was adjacent to a GO, partially-armed German MMC (sqd), and our question was this- does that broken allied mmc surrender to the German MMC, as it cannot rout unless using Low Crawl? I agree with Brian's...
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    another question RE: scenario card quality

    scenario cards Thanks to those who have replied to this question. You have been very helpful indeed. I plan to do them on card stock (duh..) in color. I have a brother who works at an offset printer and may be able to do the printing at a reduced cost. Ill let you know when and where these...
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    another question RE: scenario card quality

    I am almost happy enough with a pack of scenarios I have been working on for the past 2+ years to publish them. I have access to a new printer/copier and these cards, being in full color, look fantastic. However, the quality of the paper is now causing me to wonder if I should be looking at...
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    question RE: SSR#2 (WP#2)

    A friend and I have started this scenario and I have a question George Kelln or any involved in the playtesting of this scenario can answer.... Specifically, special rule #2- Is it the intent of the designer that the TI for the leaders in the 24s5 bldg be removed at the end of partisan turn 1...
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    Get the latest java from Then get vassal downloaded and installed Then get VASL. If you follow this in order you should be all set. When Vassal prompts you to choose a directory for installation, be SURE to put it where you want it. As I recall, it tried to setup itself in...
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    A true American Hero

    On a somber note- I'd just like to say that I am humbled by the sacrifices selflessly given by the likes of Pat Tillman. This young man gave up a multi-million dollar contract in the NFL to serve our country, and was killed recently in combat in Afghanistan. I find no words capable of...
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    First taste of Red Barricades

    Well, as a continuation I post this for public consumption... We started up Rus T2 with a repair of the malfed AT gun, who promptly created a flaming wreck nearby, but this was practically the only bright spot for the Reds. A CH from a PZIII claimed a 9-1 directing a .50 cal., a sniper got...
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    First taste of Red Barricades

    Hello forumites- We started RB CGIII last night, my first taste of RB, and it was simply a blast (literally). This multiplayer game with 3 players on a side kicked off in grand style. I got the Russians and my AO was the eastern edge area. Looking at the map I thought this to be an obvious...
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    Online Dice Roller

    dicebot woes... I agree. I have seen real dice do the strangest of things at times. This past summer a buddy who makes his annual migration to his birthplace and I were playing a short scenario from OotA. In one sequence of DRs, I rolled 6,6 - 6,6 - 1,1 - 6,6 - 1,1 That is no lie...
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    Starting 2004 off with ASL

    the ball or a bomb? We had a New Year's Eve bash at the vasl was a playtest of one of the scenarios for the CiN package I've been laboring on for the past year and a half...great game it was, just as the ball was dropped I was dropping a 100mm bomb onto a Norwegian HMG position...
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    Online Dice Roller

    You might mean the roller. There may be others as well.
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    Sgt. Andersens ordeal, or how to defend against VBM freeze..

    Hello- This is a short aar from a playtest conducted last night... An elite sqd occupies a key building near approaching German units. The AT defense consisted of an old 75mm gun without AP and an 81MTR. The gun couldnt hit the broad side of a barn, and the MTR was out of position, allowing...
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    VASL dice bot...

    I just started up a vasl pbem game. This particular opponent will not use the dice bot, so I am at the mercy of his honesty, which I have no reason to question. Unfortunately, his first roll against me this turn was snake eyes...... Now this brings the whole dice bot debate full circle in my...
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    VASL FoW Double-blind AFV wing-ding

    This puppy is filled up......AAR to follow as survivors report... :nuts: