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    Sports/Football Thread

    If your even thinking about that your not much of a fantasy football player. GO COWBOYS!
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    New Movie: Saints and Soldiers

    News to me but I'm going if and when it comes to my neck of the woods.
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    Sports/Football Thread

    George represents a little insurance for the Pokes who are thin at the tailback position, nothing more, nothing less.
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    Sports/Football Thread

    Superbowl, Philly vs NE and you can stick a fork in da fish.
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    50 Civil War related films

    I had no idea there was so many. I rented a civil war time period movie today I had never heard of, "Wicked Spring", haven't watched it yet so I don't know if its any good or not.
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    Favorite dog breed

    All my dogs are mutts, just like me!:laugh:
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    Call of Duty

    Call of Duty was fun but I loved Farcry! Great graphics and great fun! I may even play it a second time.
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    Rome: Total War

    I'm licking my chops but I'll still play mtw too.
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    Where are the WWI FPS's?!

    There is gas canisters, I don't remember using a gas mask , but its been some time since I played Iron Storm. I'm playing Farcry now and you have to get past some leaky gas canisters in one level that can ruin your day. I have to say, Farcry is the best shooter I've ever played. Very long game...
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    Where are the WWI FPS's?!

    I played thru Iron Storm and thought it was fun, it's a decent shooter.
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    How do you play?

    Almost always play against the AI but a couple years ago a friend and I would team up online in AOE2. He would bring his laptop over and set up next to my computer and with a good cable connection we could coordinate our moves in real time on the spot. We didn't always win but we took our share...
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    The Ultimate WW2 movie thread

    Glad I passed thru this thread, I had forgotten about the movie coming out this month.
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    Master and Commander

    Saw m&c at the movies and rented it Monday and watched it again. Will probably buy a copy to watch from time to time. :thumb:
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    The Ultimate WW2 movie thread

    Windtalkers is what I would call a shoot em up, long on action and short on substance. I probably will only watch it again if it's a rainy day and I'm sick and it pops up on HBO or something.
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    Civil war games

    Doesn't seem to be much out there, I'd like to see someone put something together about the civil war along the lines of medieval total war.