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    Books: what are you currently reading?

    With the old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa. E.B.Sledge
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    All Texans -- Sound Off

    2 miles north of the Mexico border here. Waco, Texas
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    Talk About A Horrible End To A Perfect Day

    Glad to hear the ol fuzz ball is ok.
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    Whats your major news source?

    Talk radio and Fox, can't hack the liberal biased papers and cbs, nbc and abc news wienies. If Dan Rather is a Texan, I'm a groundhog. :rolleyes:
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    your speciality in military history..

    I don't know Jack, but I prefer WWII and the American Civil War.
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    Your favourite historian and mil history book

    Don't have a favorite, too many good ones.
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    It's what I feel inside and know to be right in my heart, it can't be defined for me by someone else.
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    HTH Football League Needs Owners.

    No luck, no problem, I'm in too many leagues anyway, maybe next year.
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    HTH Football League Needs Owners.

    does the league have a name?
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    HTH Football League Needs Owners.

    Couldn't get in and that may be a good thing cause free leagues usually suck, but 255200 and Richard didn't work for me.
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    Whats you avatar

    Chester Nimitz, another good ol Texan.
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    The Olympics

    I had gotten away from watching much of the Olympics the last 10-12 years but I saw the opening ceremonies last night and really enjoyed the spectacle. I'm going to try an catch some of the events I like over the next two weeks.
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    What Do We Do For A Living

    warehouse supervisor, veterans hospital.
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    Sports/Football Thread

    If your even thinking about that your not much of a fantasy football player. GO COWBOYS!