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    Any chance a 3rd Ed. ASLRB will be published?

    I meant what I said. Not sure how I could state it any more clearly.
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    Any chance a 3rd Ed. ASLRB will be published?

    Chapter H page numbering stopped making sense several modules ago. The page numbers tell you where to insert them. As long as they are different in some respect to the pages you already have, then they are additions. The only time you replace a page is when the page number is identical and...
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    ANZACon April 27th-28th April 2019

    Since an official response has not yet been posted, a quick update: 1st place -- Eric Topp (3-0) 2nd place -- Bruce Probst (2-1) 3rd place -- Peter Manger (2-1) (An arcane points system was in use to separate the results; if Peter had won his 3rd round he would have come first, Eric 2nd and...
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    Updated KGP maps for VASL?

    As it happens I just finished drawing the crest lines on my paper Lg map .... I'm not sure what your example is trying to demonstrate. On the paper maps, Lg C12 & D12 are examples of the different elevations being very clear and not at all obscured. In fact I think the demarcation in those...
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    Updated KGP maps for VASL?

    I would say probably not. There are plenty of hexes on the original paper maps where the contour lines are simply not visible at all, and the underlying level colour is completely obscured. Now, granted, many of these hexes are in parts of the map that's not going to see a lot of action, but...
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    Updated KGP maps for VASL?

    There's nothing wrong (that I know of) with the current KGP maps available (ST, CH and LG) but there is room for improvement (as there was room for improvement on the original RB map leading to the RBv2 map). Specifically, I am contemplating the tedious task of pulling out my fine black pen, my...
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Yup, excellent.
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    There seems to be an issue with the Rileys Road map file. When you load it you get the following: - Board Rileys is out of date. Updating... - Update succeeded - Using board(s): Rileys(vHistory) That happens every time the board is loaded. Note that it's not reporting the correct version...
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    What sort of vehicle notes do you prefer?

    What sort of vehicle notes do I prefer? Official ones, but that doesn't seem to be an option in the poll. I don't see the point otherwise.
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    T-34-57, ROF 0, 1, or 2?

    You have to remember the official viewpoint. The T-34-57 was initially proposed as a tank destroyer in 1941 (because yes, that gun destroyed tanks!). However after a brief trial period it was shelved because (a) the 76mm gun was just as capable of destroying any German tank in 1941 and (b) the...
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Apparently not fun enough to have its own discussion forum? Coming to an ASL website and posting in an ASL thread that you're not playing ASL is maybe OK once or twice? Why are we seeing multiples of this post, day after day? If you don't want to talk about ASL stuff, fine. I request that...
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    Armies of Oblivion

    Yes. MMP have so far declined to provide an "update list" of the amended scenarios so any such list would have to be compiled by an individual for their own amusement. I can tell you that only 6 of the 32 scenarios were not updated ("Liberating Bessarabia", "Huns of Steel", "Downsizing the...
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    VASL6.4.4 now available

    No problem with this -- but why not correct the (identical problem) with the 20L AA FlaK 30 and 20L AA FlaKvierling 38 images as well? (The problem that was fixed for the 20L AA FlaK 38 was the removal of the "star" next to the MA on the front of the counter.) Erm ... no? What I see now is a...
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    ASL in Chengdu, Sichuan, China - 20 & 21 April 2019

    No, not really. Will has it exactly right. COWTRA. The rules explicitly tell you which hindrances do not apply. If you have a type of hindrance that is not in that list of exceptions, and does not have its own specific rule, then no exception applies to it. Or to put it another way: all...
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    Daisy chain counter: is there such a thing?

    Well, of course you need to mark it with a "this is not an A-T minefield" counter. Alternately you can mark your revealed A-T minefield counters with a "revealed A-T minefield" marker. Either way your problem is solved. It's completely unreasonable to expect that players can just remember...