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    The VASL Map Bazaar is open!

    Nothing to do with the version of VASL. Bd84 isn't available yet. You can see the list of currently available boards at VASL Boards. I'm sure there's a map elf somewhere slaving over a hot stove cooking up the board. It'll be done when it's done.
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    Generic AFV counters use

    It's exactly where it should be: Russian vehicles, TD tab. Unless BFP replaced the default ASL counter (which should not be armed with the 57LL) with a new counter only armed with the 57L.
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    Strong Memories or Reaction to a Certain Board?

    My first exposure to Squad Leader was when a guy that I had just met (who later became a good friend) had just purchased Crescendo of Doom and wanted to show it off to his friend (who I was visiting at the time). Most of my wargaming experience back then was with SPI games, and I had never seen...
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    MMP stated long, long ago that there were two sources of official errata: the ASL Journal and their website. I believe the printed sources have been extended to include other periodicals or indeed other printed products (such as modules or scenario packs) -- anything produced by MMP, basically...
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    Given that Perry wrote: ... this is probably the most significant 2nd edition rules reprint we've had since ... the 2nd edition. Not quite a "v2.1", perhaps, but certainly at least "v2, updated". It will make the entry point for newcomers quite a bit less painful than it has been until now.
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    Armies of Oblivion

    Your question can be rephrased as "has there been a new issue of the ASL Journal published in the last couple of years?". Whenever the next issue is published it should be a big one, because there's quite a lot of "recent" stuff to cover.
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    Source for Rout Report Newsletters/Scenarios?

    You'd have to contact Kurt Martin for the 'zines. Good luck with that. A lot of the scenarios were republished by Critical Hit (and one of those, "Acts of Defiance", was re-republished by MMP). Critical Hit issued most of them in 3 "Rout Paks". These of course are long out of print, but are...
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    Remove all Pin / TI button to remove Lax as well

    Auto-flipping "Stun/STUN" counters would be nice too. Although you have to be careful with that since after flipping the stun counter you need to make sure that OT vehicles are still marked as BU [EXC: carriers]. Man this game is complicated!
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    Mounted or SK style boards : what do you think is the better?

    If they mean that the lighter boards, being lighter, are more prone to sliding on the desktop (with possibly catastrophic consequences), then that is correct. However, to counter that argument, there are several different methods, not at all difficult to procure and not at all expensive, that...
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    You finish a scenario, your opponent says .............

    Right. Because when rolling physical dice that never happens. :rolleyes: I've been blessed by the dice bot and I've been cursed by it. I've got the same blessings and curses from rolling physical dice. Getting a string of poor dice rolls is terrible, to be sure, but blaming the dice bot is...
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    Your favourite sentence in ASLRB?

    I wouldn't go that far. An unarmed crew, for instance, is worth more CVP if eliminated/captured than an unarmed HS. Although if it re-arms it still becomes an inexperienced HS ... presumably a 2 CVP inexperienced HS? Don't ask me to quote a rule on that. :) We might know for certain if we...
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    VIRTUAL ANZACon 2020 - 25th and 26th April

    It is what it is, Rob. I wasn't pointing fingers at anyone in particular. People have moved or just developed other interests.
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    VIRTUAL ANZACon 2020 - 25th and 26th April

    We had some additional players who would have found it expensive/difficult to attend if there were no travel restrictions. Otherwise I would say it was the "usual crowd" (including a couple of regular interstate attendees). If it had been a regular ftf tournament the total attendance would...
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Bumpity-bump I did some testing and found that of all the current official DASL boards (I didn't check any unofficial ones) that feature grain hexes, only board e will do the plowed fields transform.
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    VASL-6.5.0 is released

    It shouldn't, but in all versions of VASL that I have experience with (not counting 6.5.0, which I'm not using at present), occasionally and randomly just clicking on a stack will cause all of the counters to change their position (i.e., the top counter becomes the bottom counter, etc.). I...