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    Russian Aircraft Rockets

    I thought the RS-82 and the RS-132 were developed by the USSR in the 1930s and given Soviet manufacturing and production methods I. frankly, I would not be surprised if they were less accurate than American weapons.
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    PDFs of ASL magazines

    Why would you print anything but the scenario cards?
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    Nhpum Ga HASL Map on Wargame Vault

    I think you guys did really well by putting in Gavatu-Tonambogo. It is already a remarkable product.
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    Pandemic delays printing

    Please stay healthy!
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    MMP Office closing at 2:30 pm - March 23, 2020

    Of course, stay healthy but will Gamer's Armory still process and ship online orders?
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    CDG2 errata?

    You know it might be helpful of Errata was in its own subsection with one for each publisher.
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    ASL Annuals in PDF format

    I have not tried printing the scenarios to card stock as yet but I was able to print scenarios to a PDF file without a problem. I use Windows 10 and I printed the PDF file with the Microsoft print to PDF driver.
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    ASL Annuals in PDF format

    Well since it is a digital file you can print just that page to either a file or your printer.
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    Storing LFT products

    A4 page protectors are not expensive here either, however, finding them can be a challenge. It is not so much that Office Depot or Staples does not have them as they do they just their search does not work well. The easiest thing to do is order them from Amazon they are about the same as...
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    Storing LFT products

    I just purchased A4 page protectors and put them in the same binders as the regular ASL stuff.
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    Really? "Closed due to Political Content"

    No offense, but I can not figure out why people are becoming upset about this why is it so important it has no bearing on the hobby.
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    Really? "Closed due to Political Content"

    I just went back and read the entire thread and there was plenty of politicization on both sides and really if you think about it none of it was germane to the discussion topic. We all have gotten so used to injecting cheap shots that we do it, many times, without thinking.
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    ASL Annuals in PDF format

    This was a great idea! Perhaps it can be followed up with a PDF of the overlays from the original CdG.
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    CdG 2nd Edition - components to play all scenarios...

    The maps that were in CdG are now in Yanks the boards that are now in CdG are not in a current product. It seems to me that is reasonable (Note I am not an owner of Yanks v2). If you do not own boards 39 and 40 they are available from MMP. I will admit the overlay is another issue. I think...
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    Places to Buy MMP Games

    They list recent stuff but it all says out of stock.