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    Looking for a game of Shiloh

    Anyone up for a games of Shiloh,either side is good with me also any option you choose.:devious:
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    Looking for a Union Player

    Looking for Union Opponent FastPhil. file on it's way.
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    Looking for a Union Player

    Anyone interested in a game of Gettysburg,Corinth or Vicksburg? Any options you desire and any scenario is good with me. Billk
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    Gettysburg Challenge

    I'm up for a game of Gettysburg,scenario and options are your choice. Send a messenger through my picket lines. Billk
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    Looking for a game

    Need an opponent for HPS Gettysburg or Napoleon's Russian Campaign. Also have Talonsoft's Gettysburg.Prelude to Waterloo,Waterloo and Napoleon in Russia. Any of these games is fine with me,options of your choice as well as scenario to play. Post here or send me an email