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    Article High Rollers - High Rollers

    Breakdown and Malfunction of Guns and SW
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    Article Rally MC Flowchart - Rally MC Flowchart

    Rally and MC Flowchart
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    Article Collateral Attacks Flowchart ver 2.9 - Collateral Attacks Flowchart ver 2.9

    Collateral Attacks Flowchart
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    Article Rout Flowchart 5.16 - Rout Flowchart 5.16

    A multi-page routing flowchart.
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    Case I of the Concealment Table

    The more I try to understand this situation, the more muddy it seems to me . . . ---------------------- RULE QUOTES: A12.121 says "The Concealment Table always takes precedence over the body of the rules." A12.122 has two bullets that were amended by the errata in J10 to read as...
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    My least favorite part of playing ASL: the Setup

    "The Guards Counterattack" is a great first scenario, not least IMO because it tells you pretty much where each unit goes. But whenever I sit down to play most other ASL scenarios, I give an inaudible sigh: because now it's time for me to figure out--on my own--where each unit goes. And it's...
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    "No SF" on the Pin Counter--what's it mean?

    A niggling question I can't find the answer to. I've tried . . . Sustained Fire : but there is no mention of Pin restrictions in A9.3. Spraying Fire : but there's no mention of pin effects in A9.5, A8.24, A7.34. Spotted Fire : C9.3 does mention some effect from a pinned spotter...
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    E7 - Air Support Questions

    >(1) E7.32 Mistaken Attack: says "...attack...the Defender’s non-hidden >onboard ground unit that is the aircraft’s initial target and >not in a completely Blind Hex..." > >(a) Does this refer to E7.25: " aircraft counter is theoretically >able to see...any non-hidden unit that...
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    B28.61 and TB DRM

    B13.4212 says “whenever Infantry/Cavalry specifically use a TB to enter a hex at a reduced MF cost () or to escape minefield attack (), it is subject to a special -1 Defensive First Fire DRM due to its restricted movement options…” B28.61 says “Units may enter a minefield hex via a TB at twice...
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    ASL Counters

    Colorized Counters I wouldn't mind color silhouettes and slightly larger fonts on the counters. However, that being said, I don't want half of my counters one way, and the other half the other way. Also, I'm not wild about the colorizing I see on MMP's other games. For instance: (1) Look at...
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    DFF vs. Rowhouse Bypass

    > B23.71, A8.1: Is the 3 MF cost for Rowhouse Bypass considered a simultaneous expenditure? Yes and No. You are spending 3 MF, and the only place you can go is into the building Location (or back to your start building), but only 1 MF is spent at the vertex and only 2 MF are spent in the...
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    Woods Portion of a Woods-Road Hex

    > Contrary to B13.421, do you use a partial TB counter to indicate that a non-fully-tracked vehicle is in the woods portion of a woods-road hex? No. If you need a memory aid, use a handy counter. > If no VCA is performed as part of the move, how many MPs are needed for a...
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    Differences I'm having some trouble adjusting to the new site from the Forums index. For one, this new site is a lot "busier"--my eyes are distracted by lots of different links and words and such. It's disorienting. I'm not quite sure what I should be looking at. Secondly, the ASL stuff is...
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    Scrounging under Disabled Counters & Recovering Cycles

    A couple of questions I recently asked of Perry that others might find enlightening... ------------------- >D10.5: Does even a single Disabled counter (even if for a >non-scroungeable weapon) prevent scrounging of all non-MA >AAMG/SW/non-Fixed-Mount-BMG? No. D10.5 is talking about "a...
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    HoB Scenario Errata

    Errata ETA >We have Peter Rognehold aka PRogman aka Commisar Piotr, who's >(officially) collecting, collating, and proofing our Errata. >We'll make sure that our next version of Errata will be updated >accordingly and your suggestions being incorporated. Klaus, That's great news. Thanks for...