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    MMP Berlin scenario!!!

    Hey! I resemble that remark! 🤣🎲🎲
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    Hollow Legions reprint, Will you play the desert?

    Are you asking to gather feedback because you are debating whether or not to release a desert scenario pack?
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    ASL in SW North Carolina?

    Grew up in Ohio, baseball fan from an early age. Moved south in my twenties. That’s when I learned that “Damn Yankees“ referred to more than just 26 guys from the Bronx. 🙂
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    ASL in SW North Carolina? left out the “damn” part. 🤣
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    ASL in SW North Carolina?

    Sean Deller just moved to the Charlotte area, but I just clocked the drive on Google Maps and it's still 3.5 hours. Not exactly around the corner!
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    For King & Country reprint

    don’t you work for the company that produces this stuff? Geez! ??
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    Rocket's Red Glare 3I1

    That is how Jim Taylor and I played it in the championship game at ASLOK a few years back. We felt that to do otherwise would invalidate the original design intent. Bill
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    Festung Budapest

    I’m away from my Hungarian language copy for a couple days, so no specifics, but yes, a large portion of the book covers the fighting in Budapest. Both the Soviet and Romanian reduction of Pest and the ensuing Soviet reduction of Buda, up to the base of Castle Hill.
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    The Martian buildings in FB?

    Oh, cool! When the family and I took an evening cruise along the Danube in Budapest two years ago, the boat pulls a u-turn in the river right around where this building sits just back from the river bank.
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    Spraying advice from Bill Cirillo

    ? it’s a classic case of the messy office - genius theory...just trust me on this...?
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    Spraying advice from Bill Cirillo

    Granite? Not quite...but it is a large solid slab that should make for a far better playing surface than many uneven table tops found at tournaments...not quite sure the wife will be crazy about destroying the kitchen though.
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    Spraying advice from Bill Cirillo

    Bob, Thanks! To be fair, you do have the coolest, most awesome dog on the tournament circuit! Tell Stalino I said hey. Bill
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    Spraying advice from Bill Cirillo

    In addition to counter prep, I've started to branch out to other arts and crafts pursuits...
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    Spraying advice from Bill Cirillo

    This explains soooooo much. ?
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    Festung Budapest

    Vic, I’m just extremely glad that you are recovering your health after what you went through! Dispatches from the Bunker is one of the truly great contributions to the ASL hobby! I look forward to every release as there is always a gem or more in every issue. Plus, it is a great example of...