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    ESG33 Be cool if your Polish 'zerker drew fire from the FT and the Fanatic 5-2-7 X'd it out. :)
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    Noobie question: VBM and broken units in hex

    Glad to help.
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    Risking Interdiction with Russian Conscripts, especially HS that have virtually no chance of rallying for the rest of the game, is a seldom used tactic that can be a game changer if you roll double ones on the Interdiction MC.
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    Noobie question: VBM and broken units in hex

    A vehicle that ends its MPh stopped (or in Motion) in Bypass of an obstacle does not prevent a broken unit in that obstacle from routing. The broken unit is not in Melee. In fact, the broken unit must rout (during the RtPh), or be eliminated for failure to rout. On the other hand, a unit that...
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Apparently not. :( But I do have a possible solution to your rodent problem.* Have this Jock lead the pests in the direction of the nearest bridge (see German Vehicle Note 100.) *Note that the target size of these Mäuse, namely -3, may benefit from a pied (bag) piper with a higher PSL...
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    Double ASL'ers?

    Ah, a "starter" ASLer. ;)
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    WP Casualties vs Armed, Unarmored Vehicle

    The crew remains in the vehicle until the RtPh, at which point it must rout, and in doing so end its RtPh beneath the vehicle it Abandoned.
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    A8.4 Final Fire and C5.6 Intensive Fire

    Correct. No. As per A8.41, only a "weapon marked with a First Fire counter and capable of Intensive Fire (C5.6) or Sustained Fire (9.3) may use such for one additional attack during Final Fire only vs adjacent or same-hex targets." The C 5.6 errata is in line with A8.41, which prohibits the...
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    Two Heroes firing a MG - at which modifier?

    I'd be careful about taking this reasoning too far. I think the Q&A was necessary, because it's not obvious from the rules that a Hero assisting another SMC in manning a SW would qualify for the Heroic DRM. The rules explicitly state that a Hero who his firing "his weapon counter" at Normal...
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    Roll them bones?

    A few minor points re so-called, low-odds shots. I agree with Jim's point regarding the odds of generating a Sniper attack that will have more dire consequences than a successful low-odds shot. Moreover, success can be defined in a number of ways. We often define success as a break...
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    Two Heroes firing a MG - at which modifier?

    Based on the Q&A below, I would be led to believe that they would get -2 Heroic DRM out to the Normal Range of the MG.
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    Sad and angry About VASL 6.5.0

    Yes please.
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    Dummies and Entrenchments

    Thanks for the details. I'm surprised to see this wording in a recent MMP publication. (I would have expected "Infantry" or "MMC" to have appeared in place of "units." Maybe it's a legacy thing, a vestige of early development.) Dan's input would certainly help shed some light on how to...
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    Dummies and Entrenchments

    Working on it. :) Here is a related discussion (see second question): This should put to rest the notion (hinted at it post 2 above) that "may set up Entrenched" includes setting up in trenches. It doesn't. More on the bolded point in a moment. Back to the original question... IMO, the...