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  • My thoughts exactly about the counters, btw do you still have the dice sets with the knights cross etc symbols on them , misssed it when you released them and would like a few sets to give as presents to my local FtF players
    Did you see the Pitman has a REAL nice review of Battledice on his website. Looking forward to our next game
    Glad you like the new BattleDie Keith.

    Rudi, liegt bei Ihnen im Februar kommen, mit einem anderen Geschenk. :)

    Pete, yours should arrive in the Antipodes in a week or two, or six. ;)
    Hello Helen, Hello Chris,

    looks like every one is Stunned by your New Battel-Dice. So let me now when i can order them :)

    Cheers Rudi
    Hello Helen, Hello Chris,

    back from Arnhem, i like to thank you for the Nice Prices. Your Bayonet Dice are the 2th Place Price for the Mini Tournament Members. My Price are a Copy of Purple Heart Drawe and my Friend told me: "Good, than you will next time not lose your Bocage Szenario!"
    Wish you a good Time at ASLOK and i am Sure, you will get nice feedback ;-).

    I think I will take you up on your offer later this year. I'd like to get Helen some nice German CDs for Weihnachten.

    Veilen Dank,

    Great, CASLO is coming up fast (as is ASLOK). Been clipping counters and organizing a bit for these events.

    Gary Trezza is coming to Ottawa too. Jeff Waldon (NC) and Buck Karpowitz (VA) are apparently coming as well. Should be lots of good gaming on hand with so many "hardcore" US gamers attending :D Is Steve "Sven" Andersen coming? How about the rest of the Maine crowd?

    We hope to have some green and blue 9/16" (14mm) BattleDice in stock by next Friday. I've reserved a pair of blue/green for you already ;) The blue/white and green/white pairs will retail for $15.00. There will also be a September special: a set of four BattleDice (green/blue and two white) for $28.00.

    I'm planing on coming to CASLO to play in the Mini so don't forget to save me some MORE Battle Dice:)
    Hi Chris, wish you a nice Day and greetings to Helen. If you like i can organised same CD and sent it to you.

    Very Nice Beau's pictures, thankx for posting them. It was an Excellent event!
    Hi David.

    Our website won't be online until after Xmas. In the interim you can contact our KitShop at the email address below. We will happily forward a mock newsletter, a sample article and a price list--all in pdf.

    As for the Blackhawks, you're just lucky that my wife's team is not in the finals :D Would have been an interesting match up. But she is partial to the Chicago jerseys over the ones from Philly.
    Dear BattleSchool:

    What is the address for your retail website? I appreciate your contributions, despite the fact that you are a Canadian. (I'm kidding!) Most of my GameSquad friends are Canadian, you know (literally).

    Go Blackhawks ;),
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