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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    I've played enough that I know these DRM by heart (I'm guessing the majority of players do.) The only time I might need them would be for the rare exceptions where the CE DRM isn't +2/varies by facing. Also, look at my picture - isn't that the face of a guy who knows he's only got foxhole...
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Alternatively, a sheet of just CE/BU turret counters in nationality colors (at least for the major combatants) would be of interest (sort of like what original SL used.) I find most of the custom turret counters I've seen get a little visually busy duplicating the info that's on the AFV counter...
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    Can't apply any of the move commands for a vehicle

    I'd roll on the vehicle movement table as normal, then take the shortest path in MPs around the wall obstacle towards that objective (be it the FBE, a FRIENDLY unit, etc.) ignoring the rosette until clear of the obstacle. Basically try and stick as closely as you can to the indicated objective...
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    ABTF and other bridges revised module thread

    Is there a chance MMP will decide to break this up into multiple releases? It seems like it might do better sales-wise in smaller bites. It feels very odd to me that people would buy a product just to get counters they already have in different colors, with no play-dependent reason for them...
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    Waffen-SS Counter Storage and What Not

    I'm not a scenario master, but aren't there several that include both French and Allied Minor (either Belgian or Norwegian) forces together? Kinda handy to know at a glance whether the 'allied forces' rule is applicable without having to check a side record of counter IDs.
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    Since the question was framed on "the game we play" I think I'd agree with the Japanese. Especially if you take "the game" to include the original SL system, in which case even the allied and axis minors include both SL and ASL versions of themselves for two variations. Meanwhile the Japanese...
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    You Probably Shouldn't, But You Do Anyway

    Buy another HASL despite having 3 or more in the pile I still haven't played yet.
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    Is this forum dead?

    I'm surprised by both the initial premise and also the lack of it's being questioned regarding the site traffic. I've been a member since mid 2015 and don't see any significant difference in the volume of postings since then. Is the reference relating to a comparison between now and sometime...
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    Red and Black Chits from BV

    That's a little odd - I got my BV in '87 and it definitely came with white, yellow, red and blue dice. I still use 'em for ASL. If they're imprecise then that would explain my cardboard soldiers shooting...
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    Red and Black Chits from BV

    I use those counters almost every time I play. I find the "DM" printed on one side to be useful for marking units under desperation morale.
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    Manila question

    Here's a question: of the five campaign games how many are discrete games vs. how many are short & extended versions of the same campaign game. (In other words how many have either unique start dates or unique map areas?) I'm very much on the fence about this one so I'm weighing the pros and...
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    Doomed Battalions 3rd ed vs Kampfgruppe Peiper I&II

    DB would have won on Core vs. HASL alone, but even apart from that early war MASSIVELY trumps late war imo.
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    Festung Budapest, of all things, has a few.
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Speak for yourself; I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly I know a P36 from a Squad Automatic Weapon.
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I picked up geoboards 61, 66 & 72 along with the new Pocket charts from MMP. The boards are quite nice and as soon as they arrived I set up a SASL game and began to play. I love a country board (no villages, no extreme terrain, maybe a lot of grain or some gullies, etc.) so should have bought...