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    Learning Solitaire - Daft question #4

    I have no issues with skulking but find it difficult to employ effectively in most SASL games, mostly due to the threat of panic and, often, the odds. On defense you are almost always heavily outnumbered by an opponent that doesn't care about losses. Pulling a bunch of your guys off the line...
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Canned cranberry sauce? (For non-UnitedStaters, we're about a week away from US Thanksgiving.)
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    37*Inf and boresighting

    So it recently came to my attention that, as far as I can tell, the 37* INF SW used by a few nationalities are precluded from boresighting. The chapter C section on boresighting pretty clearly indicates that only "Guns", HMG, MMG and light mortars are able to use boresighting. Further "Guns"...
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    Determining Enemy ELR

    In the interest of tooting my own horn - it's one of the tables I included in my SASL game setup charts
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    SASL Claus

    So thanks to echack we have word that SASL will be re-released at some future date. Honestly I'd be fine with a straight reprint - I never buy reprints of modules I already own unless there's a lot of new content (a la CdG) but I'd make an exception for SASL. That does not mean that I don't...
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    Low Ammo on a Manhandled Gun

    When I did it I went back for the ammo only to find a Ukrainian farmer had already tractored it away...
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    Introduction SASL

    I'm not sure if it's quite what you're looking for, but the article that jumped into my head is SASL is not ASL. For what it's worth, SASL 1st edition sat on my game shelf for around 20 years b/c it looked very dry and couldn't be used to play standard scenarios (or at least that's the...
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    Favorite SSR or the one you'd like to see:

    I like the SSR in "The First Bid" where every time you roll doubles your opponent has to drink a shot.
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    New Resources added

    Just put some files up for SASL in the GS resource bin. Two of them (the ETO game setup pages) Ive previously posted in this forum, but it seemed like having them in the resource 'forum' (thread? area? not sure what it's called...) would make them easier to find for new players than digging...
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    SASL Tools From the Barking Monkey

    Barking Monkey submitted a new resource: SASL Tools From the Barking Monkey - Game Setup Tools and a Campaign Company Variant Rule Read more about this resource...
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    SASL Tools From the Barking Monkey 1.0

    SASL game setup help pages for European and Pacific theaters. Also a variant rule for customizing your campaign game company for individual missions.
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    3rd edition in the making?

    hmmm, I'm not holding my breath on either the Finnish tables or indeed the entire project. In the meantime there's nothing to stop us from creating our own content. (I've got a long list of SASL projects on my 'to do' pile. Some aren't that far from being done.)
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    Initial SASL sniper placements?

    I use a houserule I read once (I'm afraid I can't remember where now or I'd give credit) where you leave the ENEMY sniper counter off table until the 1st time it activates, then place it on the FRIENDLY unit that triggered the sniper attack and roll for 'scatter' as usual.
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Scroll back a page or two in the discussion. A few people (myself included) indicated they didn't want that. I have no idea where the bulk of potential customers would fall on this scale. Whatever he does there will be some people who won't find the counters perfect since everyone has a...
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    I've played enough that I know these DRM by heart (I'm guessing the majority of players do.) The only time I might need them would be for the rare exceptions where the CE DRM isn't +2/varies by facing. Also, look at my picture - isn't that the face of a guy who knows he's only got foxhole...