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    I'm trying once again to contact those club members who live in North America. We play a regular Sunday Multi Player battle at 1900z, which is1200 Pacific, and 1500 Eastern. Your welcome to join in. If your interested please contact me at jnorris19@cox.net

    Regards ANav
    Well, the Manchurian campaign resulted in a "peace settlement" (haha) and active combat ceased for a period of years. Same in Ethiopia/Abbyssinia. I'm very much in the camp that considers WWI and WWII part of the same large picture, yes, however, combat DID stop, making them seperate, yet inextricably involved with each other at the same time.

    It just seems to me that I've seen hundreds of conversations like this:
    Euros ***** at Americans that they've been fighting the war since 1939, and you only joined the party in 1941, while both parties ignore the Chinese and Japanese who have been fighting 2 years longer than that.
    Hi , The "traditional" stat date of WII is Sept 1 1939 if you're Euro, Dec 7th 1941 if American, and July 7 1937 for anyone (correctly) including the China theater as part of WWII. A series of incidents all came together to form the larger war.
    If you are going to include the Chinese theatre , then why wouldn't you start with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in the early 30's ....if one went that far then maybe the school of thought that there was only one World War - with a twenty year break in between - I could live with that ...! In Europe one could say WWII started with the ännexation"of Czec. .... in nth Africa the Italian - Abbysinian campaign was also prior to 1939 ...all my readings still go back to the German invasion of Poland being the start of WWII and that seems to be the consensus of most writers (all of whom are a lot smarter than me ) . .. anyway cheers (time for another scotch !)
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