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    World of Warcraft

    Hey, Gamespot has reviewed the World of Warcraft MMORPG. Anybody gonna get it?
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    HALO2 review by Gamespot

    Was it the cooperative multiplay you liked about the Xbox version?
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    My Next Game Purchase

    Which game should I buy next for my Gamecube? X-Men Legends Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Viewtiful Joe 2 GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Or should I save my money for: Nintendo DS PS2 Xbox Sony PSP just to save it
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    PS2 or XBOX

    I have a similar conundrum. I have a GameCube and really enjoy the games I have. In comparing the PS2 and Xbox, both have established online play, can play DVDs, and have several good-to-excellent games. The PS2 is older, and requires a separate harddrive. It also has only two controller...
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    PS2 or XBOX

    It'll probably come out after-and be a port of--the superior PC version. :laugh:
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    The Best South Park Episode Yet!

    Whoops, thanks. I sometimes mix Stan and Kyle up. You can never confuse Cartman and Kenny, though. :cheeky:
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    The Best South Park Episode Yet!

    Yeah, I saw it too. But I thought the goat was Dr. Cornwalis, not Cornelius. And after the election, it was discovered that all the PETA people were dead, so they could go back to the Cow mascot, thereby rendering Kyle's vote useless. Pretty funny. And did you see the premier of Drawn...
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    Don't forget Half-Life 2. The Four biggest and most anticipated games of several years, all stolen and put out on the Internet BEFORE THEY ARE RELEASED. How is this happening? Excellent hackers and flawed computer security? Someone in the disc plants stealingthe code off the Gold Disc?
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    Dec PCG on ACQ/WHQ

    According to the article, "Lows: Squadmates sometimes get in your way; low-res textures in huge outdoor scenes." They also listed in the Highs "Everything." The Bottom Line states that HL2 is arguably "...the best game ever made." PCG's world-exclusive review was their cover article, and...
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    The Political Machine

    Well, you can lie and cheat, and call your opponent names, and you can play as Ah-nold's manager (even though is legally isn't eligible to run).
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    Dec PCG on ACQ/WHQ

    Yeah, I find it funny when they list something as both a high and low point, when they have the same list for high and low, or when a game has no good points. And you didn't mention Half-Life 2, which got a 98%. I think the only other game to get that high was maybe Alpha Centauri, and that...
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    The Political Machine

    I've heard about it, it's supposed to be pretty good. And at $20 it's not a bad deal. I'd get it, but neither of my computers look like they can run it.
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    Star Wars Episode III poster? Site claims scoop

    Oh, that was worse than the Ralph Vader joke. And it's a Wierd Al song, so that's even worse.
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    Evil Genius

    How about 007: Goldeneye 2: Rouge Agent? YOu get to play as an MI5 agent-in-training who messes up and gets kicked out, and who then joins up with a supervillian (Goldfinger, I think). You are called "Goldeneye" because you lost your eye and had it replaced with a nifty device that has several...