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  • Just wasn't sure if you knew the history behind all the Mila 18 crap and Pitman. Don't stop with the "amateur" funny stuff. We all are amateurs around here. ;)
    I have been here since March '07. I lurked way before that. I was a member of the old ASLML so I have been around longer than you think.

    Anyway, why did I deserve a neg-rep? Don't you agee what the guy wrote was a really crappy thing to say? I didn't call names, I didn't threaten, I just asked somebody to chill out. Sure, it might be hopeless to try, but it doesn't deserve a neg rep.

    Also, isn't neg-repping me a judgement on your part?
    "Is way over the top for this forum?" - ah. That's why I mentioned you should probably come around more often before passing judgment. If you did, you'd know the answer to that. :D If they want to talk, let them talk. Being the forum police isn't going to do anything but make more noise and add to the problem. If you really think it is objectionable, use the Report Post function, but I can tell you from experience it won't do you any good. The mods don't care about that conduct. I'm not saying I agree with it and would love to see it actually moderated. But it won't be here. Best to just let it go since giving it attention is probably the worst thing you can do - they feed off of it.
    Howdy. I saw him twice. '77 in Tempe. '80 in San Diego. the Tempe show was OK. The San Diego show was awsome. See ya
    Howdy AZslim, Zappa lives! Even in the ASL forums. See you are in Tucson, I'm up north in Prescott area. Maybe we'll meet up sometime. Take care and God bless! Saw Zappa in '78 in L.A. one of the best shows I've ever been to!
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