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  • I never did and still don't wish death the President Bush, or any other elected official whether I agree with them or not. I am capable of disagreeing politically while understanding that in their mind they are try to do what's best for the country. I don't think he's a traitor or a Fascist just because I don't agree with him. Your post really looked like you were hoping he was in a coffin. If that was not your intent, I apologize. I think everybody has a right to disagree with politicians, wishing death is over the line IMO. BTW, I gave Bob a neg rep too for wishing death on Blago, even though t's clear he is a scumbag. You can neg rep me all you want, I hope it's because you really think my post deserves it. That's what it's for.
    I am sorry you totally misunderstood my posting. It was intended as a sarcastic response to the previous post regarding Blago. As much as I disagree with Obama's policies, I would never wish death on any elected offical. I prefer to voice my dislike at the ballot box, as I did this past Tuesday. I am truly curious though, and it is not intended to be an a-hole question...but, what if I had, instead of Obama, inserted the name George W. Bush...would the reaction have been the same? I sometimes am bothered by some of your posts, but then thank goodness for variety. It keeps life interesting. Even though you pegged me with a negative rep, I will not respond in kind. I've never given out neg-rep...don't plan to either. To each their own.
    "How about this, Dude. I'll be at ASLOK. If you walk up and interrupt my game to point out we are playing a rule wrong, I'll kick your ass on the spot, then we can debate your twisted hypocritcal self righteous view of morality, OK?"

    :clap: That's probably why he doesn't go to tournaments cuz he says such hateful and spiteful **** and disagrees with everybody (even Pleva on rules stuff).
    "You do have insurance and will, don't you?"

    He's probably locked up in his mom's basement. :rolleyes:
    "Just admit it. You hate president Obama so much, it doesn't really matter what he says or does, you will oppose him."

    Can't rep again so soon :clap:
    "How does calling the Muslim religion great do any harm?"

    Cuz Obama said it. If Bush had said it there would be excuses or understanding or something. :rolleyes:
    Politics, or what passes for it, as usual. The Righties defended Bush against everything and now attack Obama for everything. Point it out to them and they say they are just doing what was done to them, forgetting about that they attacked Clinton before just the same... and probably for Bush Sr... and Reagan... and Carter... :rolleyes:
    Hey Slim, you going to Consim expo. I am hoping to be there either Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe both. Have a PowWow in Cali to go to that weekend, so that accounts for the odd days of attendance.See you there hopefully!
    I get along with him better than most. He sure seems to rub most guys the wrong way and I don't mean in a good way. :devious:
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