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    eRulebook, Pocket Chapter H and errata update (for those not on FB)

    Scott, Can I plead that for the eASLRB has the Index updated? In spite of numerous expansions (and CGs/HASLs) since the original release of ASLRBv2, the Index has not been updated (nor errata provided) for HP, FW, and other important rules additions or changes.
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    "Boss, boss!!! De plane, de plane!!!"

    I think the Major was looking for a more colorful answer: On DR 4, a flak explodes so close that the pilot craps his pants. The pilot and the crew spends the entire turn trying to clean up the mess.
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    Updated ASL Armory

    I, for one, find it very useful. But also, I know such projects can be time consuming. It is the cherry on top, and if you decide not to do it, I will still be grateful for the armory that you provide.
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    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    Mike Augustine results for 2019 Top League -- Record 2-2 52 Mar 31, 2019 Amerikanskaya Suka FrF98 Russian - attacker Won Nogueira, Carl (played German-defender) n/a 53 May 21, 2019 Propitious Arrival SP254 German - defender Won Boudrenghien, Francois (played French-attacker) n/a 54...
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    APCR (ASL Player Comparative Ratings)

    My quick thoughts: Player ratings for Non-Tournament games contributes to weird, undesirable, competitive behavior - some of which has been noted here. There is also other 'weird behaviors' that have not been stated that I have seen or heard. APCR should only be used for Tourneys. I...
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    Sad and angry About VASL 6.5.0

    I suggest "Axis/CPVA/KPA OB", which would also couple better with "Allies/UN OB". Also, if one feels the CPVA rules are cumbersome, I suggest picking up "Rally Point 17 - Special Study II of the Korean War". It has the "CPVA Guide: Organized by Sequence of Play", which can come in very handy.
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    VASL Problem Boards m and n: When selecting "PTO light jungle", the grain/kunai as well as the orchard/palm trees disappear
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    AAR - Meatchoppers With Knives - RPT167

    Great and fun AAR. However, Walt should have dug a little deeper in the rules, and the bayonet charge should have gone forward. Per W.6A and W5.2, French leaders are exempt from Bayonet Charge NTC.
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    Twin Cities ASL 2/8/20-- VALENTINE'S DAY

    Double spoiler - I already got a meaty 99th scenario designed - destined for a future Rally Point.
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    Twin Cities ASL 2/8/20-- VALENTINE'S DAY

    Spoiler alert - There should be a scenario with Valentines in the next Rally Point release. Also a scenario featuring the Minnesota National Guard (the 34th Division) will be in it as well.
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    Missing Counter Series: the Blacker Bombard

    If they wanted to use terminology of the era, the reverse should have FUBAR
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    Brevity Assault pack available for pre-orders!

    Note on the Advance Fire website for Biazza Ridge - the 45th Division is known as the Thunderbird Division (not the Thunderbolts).
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    Should IPM be used for early World War II Soviet scenarios?

    Take a look at the KGS human wave modified rules. it does encourage human waves without being overly complicated
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    Should IPM be used for early World War II Soviet scenarios?

    Our designs and playtesting for Rally Point 17 has the correct number of CPVA leaders per chapter H (i.e not the inflated number in many FW scenario), and IPM works fine. However KGS has a modified HW rule that maybe more appropriate
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    Should IPM be used for early World War II Soviet scenarios?

    the leader doesn't have to participate in the IPM. So there are smart ways to keep the leader safe , and even catch up to the IPM group so he can send them off on another IPM next turn