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    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    No, it is not this. in 2018 I made the deliberate decision to give ASL more time, cutting out other things I did back then. Just felt that ASL deserved more time so I could play the game at the level I wanted to play. it had lost priority to other things during the 7-8 years between 2010-2017-...
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    Sissukoni the Finnish ASL tournament- Helsinki 21st to 23rd August.

    Well I hope so too. Take care.
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    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    Well, if everytime you play the first feeling is the frustration about the way you play it felt at the time it was not worth it. It is difficult to explain, it is not about winning as such. It is the way you feel about yourself after the game Honestly I am my own worst enemy in this regard.
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    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    I started keeping track at the last weeks of 1998. Before that I had played about 150 scenarios. Here is the record so far: 1999 64 2000 46 2001 45 2002 32 2003 38 2004 55 2005 51 2006 28 2007 35 2008 36 2009 33 2010 24 2011 24 2012 22 2013 18 2014...
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    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    Just met today an old opponent who used to play quite a bit up until about ten years ago. He said he'd kept all the kit and said if he was to get back to gaming ASL would be the choice. You can check out anytime but you can never leave...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Well this was the worst dicing I have given anybody in years. The two LCs that managed to unload were met with 3KIA and 1KIA results. Of course 3 KIA was enougn to kill 3 squads and leave a striped crew in the beach hex. The hex with 1KIA had random selection tie between 3 squads, the 9-1 leader...
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    Finnish LMG in BV3Ed

    Finns did not use any German LMGs during WWII. The German MGs in BV have been completely replaced with correct equipment in Hakkaa Päälle!.
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    How many scenarios are there?

    I meant the total of all.
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    Question on VC (DFTB148)

    That would be the basket case.
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    How many scenarios are there?

    How many out of those 8500 are CH scenarios?
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    I acquired this module only recently and have been itching to play something on the map. Had an opponent lined up for DB150 Falschimjäger Graveyard but this was posponed due to the plague situation - he is a doctor working in university hospital. Having visited Maleme several times I like the...
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    Illuminating Rounds Episode 25: Cold Crocodiles

    I did not mean you were the problem- over the time that have added the VASL move by move replays, Toby, and now neutral comments on the play. There is more stuff in each episode that it was in the beginning. My short attention span might be the issue on the other hand.
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    Illuminating Rounds Episode 25: Cold Crocodiles

    Ok, this video explains why I was dreaming of Crocodile tanks and 88LL AT guns the other night. Also woke up feeling critical about Dave Ramsey - it was the Tuomo shared consciousness thing at work once again. But, lame joking aside solid vote from me #KeepTom. This commentary improved the game...
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    ASL Player Ratings

    I attended a tournament in Bodö January and it does not show in my games - have you been in touch with them about the ratings system? I believe @Nils Bakke and @oybj are the organizers.
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    Menage a trois ASL, blind play, team play, etc.

    Yeah, I did not say it was bad thing....