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    Panzer Lehr - Composition

    I was looking at the organization tables in the back of the Longest Day rulebook and the Panzer Lehr division is one of the ones they give some details. In the Panzer Regiment HQ, they show a company of King Tigers (14 total) with the note: "Regimental HQ had a fourteen tank company of...
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    Chapter H Question

    They must have redone the Rarity Factor Tables. My 169/170 is the last 2 pages of the Axis Minor Vehicle Rarity Factor Chart, copyright 2006. I know I did not buy the latest version of AoO.
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    Sdkfz 7/1(L) Counter in VASL?

    It is also in Crucible of Steel, note 16. When I open the "BFP" tab in VASL, I only get CtR as a choice. Not sure if that is supposed to be the only choice. I did find it here:
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    VASL6.6.0-beta1 is released

    Thanks for the info. Confusion eliminated
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    VASL6.6.0-beta1 is released

    So here is my confusion regarding Java. I am running Windows 10. When I check what Java I have installed I see "java 8 Update 241" I downloaded VASSAL 3.3.2 and it is installed. When I start it up it comes up fine and I can load the 6.6.0 beta no problem. VASSAL 3.3.2 states it will only run...
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    Why is't the new RB reprint up to date.

    When Covid recedes and I am able to attend tournaments once more, we will surely meet up. I am always interested in seeing what others have done. I have seen more than one that I felt was superior to what I have done. In the end, any version and format works fine as long as the actual rules...
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    Why is't the new RB reprint up to date.

    As someone who has played with an eASLRB for more than 20 years, I can say that in the current html format, I prefer it to the hardcopy rulebook. It is far easier to update errata (i.e., it is done electronically when the new errata is released and it is inserted exactly as it was intended into...
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    Why is't the new RB reprint up to date.

    As Jim points out, on the player side it is about time. On the MMP side it is also about time (someone's) but it is also about copyright issues and the ability to protect them. Revenue and control clearly play a part - they are a business which requires revenue to operate (how they choose to...
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    Onslaught to Orsha 2 Errata

    I finally have gotten around to inputting more of these into electronic format and noticed this typo. In the Sturmovik Example of Play 2, the bold text showing the add up of DRM for the HEAT round TK# probably was supposed to include "= 16" after the reference to C7.22. Also, I noticed you have...
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    Captured Tanks

    Per my electronic armory notes and looking at my countersheet scans, ITR, German vehicle note 4. 4 counters were provided.
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    Where Did my 10-3 leader go?

    I would agree with this as well, expect for the part about the SMC abandoning the vehicle. I would assume the MMC would effectively kick him out per A21.21 as the MMC becomes the crew (D5.42). I would say that A21.21 also implies the SMC could abandon the vehicle : "If the vehicle was captured...
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    I think the last sentence of A22.32 covers it: "A FT which fires at an unarmored target two levels higher/lower than its own elevation uses 12 FP at normal range and 6 FP at long range."
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    Why is't the new RB reprint up to date.

    I have no idea what is causing the delays in an eASLRB, but I am sure there are well over a couple dozen versions already made by people in the hobby. We have seen various snippets of these here, including one that was online and got a cease and desist order from MMP. It is not technically...
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    Why is it that a CX unit cannot interdict? It is not a LOS Hinderance?

    I looked at a file of Q&A of Perry Sez and found this which seems to support the "MUST" interpretation: A10.53, A10.532, & C6.5 If the ATTACKER routs a broken unit without using Low Crawl, through an Open Ground hex that is in the LOS and Normal Range of a an unbroken enemy unit capable of fire...
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    Why is it that a CX unit cannot interdict? It is not a LOS Hinderance?

    I am not sure if I would go so far as to say "MUST". Below is the rule as stated. I am assuming that if you MUST do something, the rule would state that you must do it. I do agree the wording leaves it open for interpretation, although if the interpretation is you MUST, then I would assume...