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    OBA SMOKE mission and Voluntary Loss of Contact

    Mate My read on C1.35, says ""any cancellation of an FFE immediately ends that fire mission and causes the removal of that FFE counter from on board"" going a little further into C1 .7, it lists a set of reasons that the smoke can't be placed. For example mud deep snow water obstacles et cetera...
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    Brain fade with planes

    Again, thanks as always for your replies. Ok. I think I now have it worked out enough in my own vague head to get it right next time The little ""Sleezy" bit is avoided (I Think) by B23.86 which says rooftops can't be rubbled themselves................ If the bits underneath fall down then...
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    Brain fade with planes

    Okay mate I'm getting a little more confused now so hope you don't mind if I am going to spell out the exact circumstances and may be get a better insight from that Red barricades multi-hex building, hex in our example is N5 Stuka attacking which passes its sighting task check. In the hex from...
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    Brain fade with planes

    Thanks mate The answer to the first one is not quite what I expected I assumed that a bomb on building effects each location in that hex ah well So does this mean a bomber can't target a hex just to blow it upp etc ? But that pin thingy confirms what I nutted out in the end a quick PS...
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    Brain fade with planes

    Drop a bomb on a building hex. Cellar and ground floor have unconcelaed units (and both fortified) top floor empty and not. Does the Top floor location get the Case K (Concealed) mod as well to a hit on empty location Very old QA says the AUTOMATIC pin from a Stuka does not strip ? (reguardless...
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    Concealment - moving in grain

    Non assault move in someones los - Lose you're lid (?) in 99% of situations Assault move IN Non-Open Ground (From the perspective of the potential LoS stripper not you ;)) and you don't It's the type of movement that loses your lid. Not really ther terrain that their in
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    RB Campaign reinforcement group question

    and 4. It really does have its uses. especially seeking out those defensive strongpoints of HIP/Concealed units and HIP fortifications especially if your oppo makes a habit of spending a lot on FPP
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    KIA result on IFT that is also a Critical Hit

    Just to add to JR's bit (which is all right of course - as usual :-) ) Just before the rubble DR make sure your opponent lets out a long Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! - it will make them feel better (NOT!!) and at the end of the of working...
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    J108 Danica Air Ammo Supply

    Ok Robin I completely misunderstood your first question then I thought that you meant how to identify them as ""Counters"" in a given game. Rather than how to play them in the game. So sorry mate for any confusion As Klaus has said, Just by reading the scenario card they are eliminated as if a...
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    J108 Danica Air Ammo Supply

    as long as you and the others your playing know know the difference ? But on VASL now and the Ammo counters pictured in the scenario are under counters > Unit > Fire > Ammo Hope this helps mate
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    J108 Danica Air Ammo Supply

    If your doing it on VASL get a blank counter write ammo dump on it and your off cause it's only a marker to say where it is - right ? even a labled overlay would do if it doesn't move., Sure, if it blows up it will have an impact LOTS and LOTS of rubble counters lol 🤣
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    Routing Out of a Building

    Correct You can ignore buildings, even the building you start in and ALL of the locations in that building if you wanna get away But you can't ignore a woods in the same way UNLESS it is taken you NO FURTHER AWAY than a known enemy unit
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    J108 Danica Air Ammo Supply

    Sure why not mate ? Or anyother counter you want If you're using VASL you have many counters to choose from
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    Bailing Out

    Yup A NMC if you turn the turret I call it the ""Broom"" - Sweeping them off the tank
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    We lost a fellow ASLer yesterday

    Oh wow Sorry for his loss very, very sounds like a just awesome guy And then it goes to the others involved The drivers of the other vehicles who will never be the same again and for all the emergency service workers (Of which I am of course one)............ who have to come along, be...