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    Japanese unit about to exit a tunnel in the Advance phase - but the exit hex is rubbled before it can exit.

    The reasoning is good per sae till you hit say Red Factories or the like where rubble is treated as a building Then it opens a whole can of wormies I look forward to an answer as well Cause in my book the answer is not given in the "Great Book" and needs clarifying
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    G'day Drop me a line and I can put you in touch with peoples Im from Albury/wodonga myself But...

    G'day Drop me a line and I can put you in touch with peoples Im from Albury/wodonga myself But lived in Bathurst, Melbourne mainly and others Now in Pommy land But I can put you in the loop with all the gang back home You can get me on Skype aneil1234 thats the easiest way Neil Andrews Ex...
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    Berserk Ambush DRM

    As JR said As they are already at the scene of the carnage, so the ""Ambush"" step is not often a real problem It is when the Carnage comes to them that its a problem for the ""Zerkies"" Killing them by attacking them in CC is one of the ""Possibly"" EASIER ways of dealing with them Not that...
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    Wire and Routs. Yes, one more Rout question

    Old Q and A A10.51 & B26 For purposes (only) of determining the shortest route in MF, assume wire will cost 1MF. [Letter53] IMO, thought it was in the RB somewhere, cant find it myself just now But thats How I understand it to work
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    Blind hex?

    N5 and N5 appear (emphasis on appear in this pic) to have LoS down the road. So they seem not to count which makes O5 the bad boy in this example. A rough count says 14 hexes from firer to there. So one blind hex plus 2 extra for a total of three Blind hexes do if something can shoot that far...
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    Moving target?

    see D 8.4 as well
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    U2 Sweep for Bordj Toum Bridge / US T19 105mm Halftrack

    ALWAYS read the vehicle notes They are essential elements of the rules and the flavour of vehicles in ASL
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    Blaze in Grain

    Better call the Fire Brigade 999/991/112 or 000 depending on country of choice :)
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    Unloading and Open Ground

    FYI | remember the definition of open ground is from the perspective of a hypothetical firer Not the player looking from above So anything like a hedge/wall, hinderance of any form, and of course the lovely smoke ALL make it not open ground Oh and if your getting off an armoured vehicle, the +1...
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    Concealment Loss bump

    But if they only pass through............................. nothing happens You have to end that vehicles MPh there for it to count - Obvs :-)
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    Concealment Loss bump

    1/ Concealed unit concealment is lost case A about the 4th item on the list is is forced back to its last location via detection (A12.15) so I can still unit that has found something is forced back to its previous hex and losers concealment 2/ cloaked unit (and assume you're talking at night) -...
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    Having some Japanese on the island can cause som routing problems for the Marines if the angles are right. But once the boats have waved them goodbye, they are just too far away to be a threat When I played this one back in 2017, I got a FB CH with a very big bomb.................... Pillbox go...
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    Destroying an Anti-Tank Ditch

    And I think an AVRE hit can muck one up too ? Not 1000% sure on that though
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    Destroying an Anti-Tank Ditch

    Or a bombardment ?
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    Dinant Bunkers

    Put this on the questions forum mate