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    Marmon-Herr III MFF

    Logic would say that it was the CMG too seeing the Boy's ATR is well....... pretty crappy But yup, Its the MA and the MA in this case is the CMG
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    Which rule do you want to change?

    Foxhole Exit If you Assault Move ONLY out of them. The DF is conducted in the hex You MOVE TOO ! (not from) Any other exit is as normal I believe this is a Steve Pleva Mod And I was told it was going to happen with Journal 12 But Nope
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    Hatten bombardment

    and C1.62 confirms this too with it's exception in line 5 (exc: if the AR is in pre-reg hex)
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    I have had this VERY same problem this time board 32 and croping for Grebbe End. I was using a filler board to one side to give a big playing area, and the program cropped it and not Board 32 Sop I'm with you..... Not about the boards
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    you seem to be right on No optional ATR on these bad boys
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    Rat Pocket Charts ver 2

    Nice pickup JR Knew that this was the case, But not on the charts mmmmmm ? had missed that myself
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    150 Tanambogo Nightmare SSR question

    seems so ?
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    Rat Pocket Charts ver 2

    Sorry for the late reply But this is EXACTLY the chart I refer to Thanks mate :cool:
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    Residual FP and in-hex TEM

    The FL Article pp32 Journal 6 indicates to me that it was attacked with the TEM. Thats how I have played it in the past, based on this article and reading the RB 100's of times to work it out ?? (Still never sure if I'm right BTW) The other option is a snapshot as per A9.221, that could work...
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    Black Bar in Factory Prevent Blaze Spread?

    As a firefighter for almost 30 years A wall IS NOT going to stop a fire...... Slow it down maybe, But not stop it Others have said it within the rules, It's gonna burn
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    KGP Night

    well, what ever the time and the place....... Your efforts are well and truly appreciated
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    KGP Night

    Thanks Mate I thought It "Might" be the case. But just checking that in the 100's of bits and Q&A and all the other bits that I search for and regularly fail to find that an SSR didn't exist somewhere that said it as...... "This is it !! " Thanks for the super prompt reply What ever you do...
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    KGP Night

    I've been looking and searching, But I can't find it written anywhere So Quick question Are US and German Units "NORMAL" for Straying purposes I assume its the case, as I can't see it anywhere that they are "Lax" or "Stealthy" Thanks
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    Ok. Note to self DON'T save any from before lol Thanks for the very prompt reply
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    Possible (non-ASL) ASLOK opportunity for non-US attendee

    If I didn't know better Mark, I would have said you were scouting locations for the next season of "The Walking Dead" Brilliant BTW