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  • Interesting, seems like we now only have 140 CH to a message - pain. Call on Skype mate aneil1234 Chat proper like lol
    Out of curiosity why is the number of characters limited on your profile when it does not appear to be on mine?
    Since my return I have been able to get everything else except for AoO (too expensive). I bought the 2nd ed rule book used and it is missing Chapter E and the first 30 pages of Chapter H the people I bought it from did not realize those were missing. I asked but then do not have them.
    Hi Neil I've got Skype on my iPad or my iPhone will that do? I had played a lot of wargames especially Squad Leader when I was younger but then work and family interrupted. Now I am in a position to start again. I had Beyond Valor, Paratrooper, Yanks and a first edition rule book.
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