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    Hatten CG - it's a junkyard

    Hi, nice write up ... very historical ... good luck on the last day ... For pictures of what some of these wrecks actually looked like on the Hatten-Rittershoffen battlefield see: For the Hatten-Rittershoffen post-battlefield map of all of the wreck locations see: Andy Rogers (Hatten designer)
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    More "real" SMC names please

    Cheers. Thanks for that post. That was done deliberately. Andy Rogers (Hatten designer)
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    Hatten in Flames Campaign Sz G

    Just to reiterate the earlier comments ... from a German perspective, there are enough photos of German Mark IVs in Hatten-Rittershoffen (from the 21st Panzer Division) to argue with confidence that there was no Sz in Hatten. From the American perspective, on the balance of probabilities, the...
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    Hatten in Flames CG RG question

    Hi from Andy Rogers (Hatten designer). As per an earlier comment, I simplified the purchase/reinforcement rules (eg. no 'depleted' companies etc). As such, you can 'cross-pollinate' those reinforcement groups entering from off-board in the new CG day.
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    Hatten in Flames CG I SCPP Replenishment

    Hi from Andy Rogers (Hatten designer). Good question. I can assure you this situation did not come up in playtest. This is worthy of an Errata. In terms of play balance, in this situation, the Americans are allowed one roll on the SCPP Replenishment Table with an additional -3 DRM (because it is...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Nice write up. Hope you keep on having fun with the CG. Andy Rogers
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    Hatten: HF1 Black Day - WP10 clarification

    Hi Mr JRV has the correct interpretation. Andy Rogers - Hatten designer
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    Moving Crews in Hatten

    Nate, In light of the Perry Sez, my recommendation would be to use the all-powerful 'House Rule' rule; seeing as both sides have armour leaders in Hatten there should not be any objections .... Andy Rogers (caveat: if Perry knows where you live, then a House Rule overriding a Perry Sez could...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Walt, (just to concur with post by jrv) the OBA missions are 'one and done'; the Germans have three and the Amis have four ... each side can get three Bombardments, Andy
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Walter, thank you for the Hatten CG write-up and it is good you got an 'up close and personal' feel. Just a quick response on your OBA comments. In short, Hatten and OBA rules were not designed with Starter Kit in mind. In terms of 'parity', the German and American artillery were roughly equal...
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    Hatten in Flames - Terrain / EC Questions...

    Fair question. The height of the buildings in Hatten without a first level location is Level 1. Andy Rogers (Hatten designer)
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    Embankment Railroads - inherent terrain?

    oh ... okay! doh ... a Homer Simpson moment ... this blogging/forum stuff is not my strong point! apologies all around! andy
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    Embankment Railroads - inherent terrain?

    I designed Hatten. Please have a look at my website which hopefully illustrates the amount of effort that went into examining the history of the engagement. The embanked RR is not a 'perfect' representation of the terrain, but given the structure of the ASL rules, an embanked...
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    Embankment Railroads - inherent terrain?

    Hi There has been a lot of commentary around the embanked RR in Hatten. This was a difficult feature to reflect on the map from a design perspective but, as the Hatten designer, I am happy with the artwork on the map. From a historical reading of the battle, the areas around the embanked RR...
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    J143 Circle of Doom

    Klas is correct [this is a 'Ctrl-K' shortcut on my keyboard :)]. The Hatten 'design intent' of the restrictions on SW removal/scrounging from HT was to place a realistic limitation on the number of MGs available to the infantry. There are a number of underlying historical reasons for this and...