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    What makes a good HASL?

    Hi. The following are some of the historical aspects I looked for when designing Hatten. A lot of these have been touch on in previous comments. A battle fought over several days where both sides attacked and counterattacked. Being able to present the combat as close to its actual scale. That...
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    Tournament - Hatten in Flames 2019, 15-17 March

    Love this special rule. Andy Rogers
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    Hatten CG German AFV Setup

    Jeff .... good question .... this was not the intent in the design of Hatten; nor was Hatten playtested during design with this in mind. In terms of the rules, the strict reading would support you observation. In terms of how the phrase "Front Line location" is used in the rules, it supports...
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    Hatten Bombardment

    Roger ... having designed Hatten I have had to ask my Aussie mates many dumb-assed questions during the design and playtesting process. Do not feel alone. Your interpretation of the bombardment rule is correct. That said, the rules for the CG seem fairly robust, so trust the wording. I think...
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    Hatten SZ

    No, the German AFVs do not have SZ in Hatten. There are some historical photos of German AFVs in Hatten, none of them has SZ. I have cited some of these photos in Andy Rogers
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    Hatten CG restoration of special ammo

    Chas, Perry and Klas are already onto this. Andy
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    Hatten CG restoration of special ammo

    Yes, I meant to say that 1/2" counter depletion numbers are restored during the refit phase in the Hatten CG. Andy
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    Hatten CG restoration of special ammo

    Hi. Hatten was designed and playtested with Ammo Depletion occurring during the Campaign Game for both 5/8" and 1/2" weapons with depletion numbers (ie. American 60mm MTRs / '45 BAZs). Andy Rogers
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    BAZ 45 in VASL 6.4.3 (WP5 rather than WP6)?

    In Hatten ... the American TD reduced depletion numbers In VASL ... the '45 BAZ reduced depletion number In Australia ... the Australian cricket team playing India .... to much 'Roger-ing' going on ....
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    Hattten: No Inherent Driver for the SPW251/2?

    Hi .... Mr Miller is correct ... (As per HF7) ... if you begin a scenario with the 81mm Removed from the SPW251/2, then this vehicle is marked with an Abandoned counter. If you remove the 81mm during play, German vehicle note 59 applies (inherent driver ...). By way of background from a...
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    Gare du Hatten/ Hillock questions

    Tom and others I hope the following covers the questions raised above. 1. The emRR is one long hillock. That would most accurately reflect the terrain and how the CG was playtested. I agree with Klas, the F6 rules are solidly written and treating the emRR as one hillock (I think) covers the...
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    Gare du Hatten/ Hillock questions

    From the 'game design' perspective ... the short answer is that the railroad embankment is the best way to represent the battlefield south of Hatten. You need to be adjacent to the railway to see the fields to the south of the battlefield. The railway embankment (although gentle in places)...
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Nice graphic ... if I am a German, I am taking prisoners and swapping uniforms .... and learning to say 'comrade'
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    Hatten errata?

    Correct. Nice pick up. Andy
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Scott, thank you for all of your detailed write ups. I appreciate the effort. Nearly all of your comments are spot on. In terms of one comment ... can you give me some more context. This would help me to understand and possibly respond. The comment that I have read when outlining the...