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    Name Game

    Allen, Harvey, Brigadier-General (1888-1963) Commanding Officer 33rd Coast Artillery Brigade (1941)
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    The French Terror Alert System

    no thats the canadian way
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    Cows in Canada (Humour)

    maybe they feed them tracking devices....thats always a good idea for imagrants :D
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    code names

    i was curious on how the military choose code names for its operations... i also was wondering the significance of "Overlord" on D-Day
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    REALLY stupid poll - should I shave off my moustache or not?

    i dont know i kinda like it, it gives you character
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    i would certainly hope not, but i guess it really all depends on if our guys keep coming home. if they dont.....then i see no other option, but with the technolgy advances im seeing today there should be no reason why our soldiers are keeping alive.
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    as a kinda of follow up to his quesition i was wondering if they were ever going to adobt that...x-47 i dont konw the name im sorry. but that redicuously large gun that had self guiding projectiles.
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    yes, welcome ops!
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    Guille suits

    im actually doing the exact thing you are doing right now. im using camo colored string, safety pinned on to some camo pantsm and then electrical tapping the sharp end to the paper clip. then im taking fake leaves and shrub and glueing those on, and after all that im taking that really dense...
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    Conservative or Liberal?

    couldnt agree more Tactition, couldnt agree more.
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    Your Top Three War Movies

    i disagree im going to have to disagree with you Geeky Nerd, Full metal Jacket was a terrible wat movie. yeah it was good for laughs but when it comes down to fact it was just plain wrong. i especially dont like war movies that glorifies war as much as full metal jacket did...i mean no ones leg...
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    so what are yall thinking about the new virginia class submarines...they have tremendous advantages over the Ohio class...just thought i should get some other peoples feed back
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    Is Kerry fit to be a War Time President?

    lets see here... i think that Kerry deserves to be war time president...i mean not every one can serve 6 weeks in vietnam and be labeled a hero..... (sarcasim)
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    Did I Get Demoted?!?!?

    wow wow...way to go OPS