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    DTF Special Rules Question

    I'll add how I played it. dm/assembly is not explicitly listed as causing HIP loss, and even though doing so is SW use in a fire phase, it's still not being fired. I played that the HIP is retained if out of enemy LOS.
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    DTF Special Rules Question

    Hi All, Playing DTF-2 Blitzkrieg!. Per DTF special rules SW may setup HIP but are revealed if fired/placed/thrown, dropped, transferred or possessing unit no longer good order. Can I dm such weapons without revealing them? How about if out of enemy LOS? If so, do I need to show the hex...
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    Gun CA Change on Recovery/Capture

    Hi all, Unpossessed AT gun is in a hex with enemy troops. During rally, an enemy squad recovers/captures this gun. Can the CA of this newly captured weapon now be set to a new direction as a consequence immediately during rally? My opponent claims so, but I cannot find a rule reference...
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    Bypass Freeze with a Truck?

    Hi All, I'm under the impression that an unarmored, unarmed truck cannot be used to freeze infantry in woods (per A7.212). Since the truck just has an inherent driver one cannot attack with TPBF (i.e. not PRC for A7.211), and this combined with unarmored & unarmed yields the exception to...
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    CyberVASL IX

    Fast forward to the end of Japanese turn 3 and we have my second force entering at the double quick to seal the 9-2 and around 3 squads, Baz and 50 cal in the jungle. Still too tough to get my turn 5 fragile tanks past the Baz position, so the plan was to bring on a banzai charge in turn 4 to...
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    CyberVASL IX

    It was my pleasure to play Jeff in the final match, and also to have the honor of creating an AAR of our game. Jeff selected several scenarios, and from those I chose CH#157 Armored Probe -- a dense jungle affair, pitting the armor-supported Japanese against the US Army in 1944 New Guinea. I...
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    6.999 Russian Multi-Applicable Vehicle Notes - Note J

    You can keep trying until you get a smoke placement, then that tank is done for the scenario.
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    FB Campaign Refit for Gun/Crews

    Hi All, Playing Festung Budapest campaign 2 as Russians. Several scenarios in all my artillery crews have been killed, but I still retain most of the guns. Is there anyway to buy more crews? I did not see this possibility in the RG choices (other than buying cheap aa guns or something)...
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    Infantry OVR Question

    Hi All, 8-0 leader alone in a building, with no SW. Enemy MMC declares infantry OVR and passes its TC. On SMC options (A4.151) option 1 is fire, and remain in place and accept CC during movement (after all DFF). Since the 8-0 has no weapon, may it still stay and accept CC, or must it be...
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    Drifting Smoke in Factories

    Thanks, though I think only M7 is an internal location. So M7: No, L7: No?, K8: no?. And N7: yes, M8:Yes even with wall?, L8: yes?
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    Drifting Smoke in Factories

    Hi All, Please consult the following diagram. Building is an L2.5 factory with rooftops in play. Mild breeze as shown. It's AFPh now and time to drift smoke. The situation is now like below just before smoke drift. Scenario is BFP84 from CoS. Does the factory or the internal walls...
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    SFF and Area Fire

    OK...thanks for the above. Now trying to square this with the following Perry Sez. Is the reason the ATR is not area fire in this example because it is neither an MG nor an IFE? Any other weapons which are exceptions? A8.3 May an unmarked ATR fire as Defensive First Fire firegrouped with its...
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    SFF and Area Fire

    Hi All, Quick question about SFF my opponent and I are discussing in a current pbem game. Situation: Enemy unit moves ADJACENT to stack: 9-1, 6fp hmg and 457 squad. They fire, and mg keeps rate. Later, another enemy unit enters the same ADJACENT hex, and survives the residual. The...
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    Fire from rooftop to Factory floor

    Hi All, Unit on a stone factory rooftop (L2.5) fires IFP within same hex to factory floor. This is PBF and what is the TEM? 0, +1 or +3? Thanks!
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    Partial Woods as Rout Target

    Hi All, In the following water is NA and is replaced by open ground. Is FF7 a valid (woods) rout target for the unit routing from GG8? Thanks!