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    6.999 Russian Multi-Applicable Vehicle Notes - Note J

    You can keep trying until you get a smoke placement, then that tank is done for the scenario.
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    FB Campaign Refit for Gun/Crews

    Hi All, Playing Festung Budapest campaign 2 as Russians. Several scenarios in all my artillery crews have been killed, but I still retain most of the guns. Is there anyway to buy more crews? I did not see this possibility in the RG choices (other than buying cheap aa guns or something)...
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    Infantry OVR Question

    Hi All, 8-0 leader alone in a building, with no SW. Enemy MMC declares infantry OVR and passes its TC. On SMC options (A4.151) option 1 is fire, and remain in place and accept CC during movement (after all DFF). Since the 8-0 has no weapon, may it still stay and accept CC, or must it be...
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    Drifting Smoke in Factories

    Thanks, though I think only M7 is an internal location. So M7: No, L7: No?, K8: no?. And N7: yes, M8:Yes even with wall?, L8: yes?
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    Drifting Smoke in Factories

    Hi All, Please consult the following diagram. Building is an L2.5 factory with rooftops in play. Mild breeze as shown. It's AFPh now and time to drift smoke. The situation is now like below just before smoke drift. Scenario is BFP84 from CoS. Does the factory or the internal walls...
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    SFF and Area Fire

    OK...thanks for the above. Now trying to square this with the following Perry Sez. Is the reason the ATR is not area fire in this example because it is neither an MG nor an IFE? Any other weapons which are exceptions? A8.3 May an unmarked ATR fire as Defensive First Fire firegrouped with its...
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    SFF and Area Fire

    Hi All, Quick question about SFF my opponent and I are discussing in a current pbem game. Situation: Enemy unit moves ADJACENT to stack: 9-1, 6fp hmg and 457 squad. They fire, and mg keeps rate. Later, another enemy unit enters the same ADJACENT hex, and survives the residual. The...
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    Fire from rooftop to Factory floor

    Hi All, Unit on a stone factory rooftop (L2.5) fires IFP within same hex to factory floor. This is PBF and what is the TEM? 0, +1 or +3? Thanks!
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    Partial Woods as Rout Target

    Hi All, In the following water is NA and is replaced by open ground. Is FF7 a valid (woods) rout target for the unit routing from GG8? Thanks!
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    Prisoner Morale Checks

    Hi All, Playing PBEM. IFT fire at a stack with 2 prisoner units and a guard causes a NMC. Each prisoner unit passes, rolling both the attacker's san, and the defender's san. Which SAN should be honored -- that is, who rolls the dice for prisoner MC's? Is there actually a rule saying who...
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    Change VCA in DF with no target

    Can an afv pivot VCA if unmarked in final fire? Is there a rules ref -- thanks!
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    Festung Budapest SCPP Question

    Hi All, Playing CGII, going into 3rd day -- Jan 21. I have a question about the interaction between CGII.1 (halving CPP) and the T34/85 withdrawals (17.6073). My understanding, is that it is only the result of the roll on the SCPP replenishment table (17.6162) that is halved and not the...
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    On Specific Board Requirement

    Hi All, A victory requirement is for an MMC to be on board 11 and within 3 hexes of a location. Is an MMC on a board 11/board 17 shared half hex, within 3 hexes satisfactory for this purpose? (This is for trying to meet requirements of SSR3 of J74 Preist on the Line, if interested). Thanks!
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    Shallow Stream Transformation

    Hi All, I am setting up BFP-135: No Shortage of Determination. One of the SSR's states "All water obstacles [EXC: Ponds] are shallow streams.". See the diagram below from map BFP-O. My question is about DD6, EE7, FF6 and friends. Are these shallow stream hexes? How does the woods in...
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    Routing as Stack Required?

    Hi All, Let's say I have 2 broken units in a building under DM. Must they rout together, or may they individually take different rout paths to different legal target locations? May one unit stay in place if not otherwise forced to rout, while they 2nd unit routs? Thanks -- could not find...