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  • Why do you keep calling me scheissekopf? That means "shoothead" doesn't it? :whist:

    What line should AZslim get in? The line of abusers or the line of abusees? :D
    Thanks Bill - it was a drag missing the action but family stuff kinda took over my life. Nothing like missing an ASLOK to help you appreciate what it's all about. Sounds like a good time was had by all - see you next year,

    "a girl with kaleidoscope EYES"

    You're a fruitbar :p

    You guys have fun. Wish I could be there. :ciao:
    Wanna take a look at my scenario submission for the Carpiquet airfield contest?
    Hi Bill
    Good of you not to forget me. You are spot on but I have done well since I posted. A fellow ASLer gave me WOA - I hardly knew him at the time. I have collected COB from various places and now have everything except the overlays for that module. Now I have most of the official stuff, I was just looking through a list of all the 3rd party stuff out there. So much to do and so little time.
    Thanks again.
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