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  1. hongkongwargamer
    hongkongwargamer Eagle4ty
    Thanks mate, that's a very detailed list and you are a very kind soul. Enjoy your evening!!!
  2. Mongo5486
    Mongo5486 jwert02
    Hey Jason, we are paired up in the VASL LG. Any idea what you want to play?
  3. Wedge
    Wedge Mike205
    We definitely need to meet to play some ASL although I'm right in the middle of house renovations - hopefully things calm down next month where we can get some scenarios in.

    I currently live in Helena, AL which is about 15 or so miles south of B'ham (looking to relocate to Oak Mt. area around hwy 119.)

    Just call or txt me anytime. Thanks and I look forward to meeting you!

  4. Barry Maynard
    Barry Maynard Tater
    Greetings Tate. You still ASL?
  5. buser333
    buser333 Richard Trippeer
    I'd be happy to have a game with you tomorrow. I am CST as well and am free pretty much anytime.
    If you'd like to play just write me at and let me know what scenario and what side you'd prefer.

    1. Richard Trippeer
      Richard Trippeer
      Thanks. I think I found someone for tomorrow, but I'll look you up next time.
      Jul 7, 2017
  6. Hemaelstrom
  7. TheSQLGuru
    TheSQLGuru Velocette
    My daughter and I would love to play ASLSK with you! We live in Decatur.

    Do you ever attend the game meetups in HSV/Madison?

    We have a crazy-hectic schedule this summer. But the w/e of July 14-16 is a possibility. Please drop me a line at TheSQLGuru on Google's mail service.

    BTW, are you planning on attending the Atlanta ASL tournament the first weekend in August? We are going to that!


  8. greuh
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  9. larrymarak
    Breakthrough, I can now post.
  10. Pushofpike
    Pushofpike MrHonus
    I am in OC on Saturday july 8. I am free the 15-16 weekend. Jimmy 619.8233581. I have cats myself so i am fine w them. Thanks
    1. MrHonus
      Lets get together on the 16th.
      Jul 4, 2017
  11. GoM
    ASL in Hawaii, anyone?
  12. larrymarak
    Still trying to post after all these years :-). Seriously!
  13. Rubrik
    Rubrik daniel zucker
    I've no idea how to pm. Please pm me to get my mail etc.
  14. Genosse Gelb
    Genosse Gelb ASL1
    I'd be interested in playtesting. I'm on GMT+2.
  15. Ray Woloszyn
    Ray Woloszyn MajorDomo
    Rich, I saw you made it to England for Heroes and John Tait was there. Can you email me the special rules Dave used for the ASL Open? I might use them in the regular games I play with my local opponents. They seem well reasoned. Ray
  16. aneil1234
    Now living in the land "Up Over"
  17. aneil1234
    Interesting, seems like we now only have 140 CH to a message - pain. Call on Skype mate aneil1234 Chat proper like lol
  18. aneil1234
  19. Bob Walters
    Bob Walters aneil1234
    Out of curiosity why is the number of characters limited on your profile when it does not appear to be on mine?
  20. Bob Walters
    Bob Walters aneil1234
    Since my return I have been able to get everything else except for AoO (too expensive). I bought the 2nd ed rule book used and it is missing Chapter E and the first 30 pages of Chapter H the people I bought it from did not realize those were missing. I asked but then do not have them.