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  1. Rubrik
    Rubrik daniel zucker
    I've no idea how to pm. Please pm me to get my mail etc.
  2. Genosse Gelb
    Genosse Gelb ASL1
    I'd be interested in playtesting. I'm on GMT+2.
  3. Ray Woloszyn
    Ray Woloszyn MajorDomo
    Rich, I saw you made it to England for Heroes and John Tait was there. Can you email me the special rules Dave used for the ASL Open? I might use them in the regular games I play with my local opponents. They seem well reasoned. Ray
  4. aneil1234
    Now living in the land "Up Over"
  5. aneil1234
    Interesting, seems like we now only have 140 CH to a message - pain. Call on Skype mate aneil1234 Chat proper like lol
  6. aneil1234
  7. Bob Walters
    Bob Walters aneil1234
    Out of curiosity why is the number of characters limited on your profile when it does not appear to be on mine?
  8. Bob Walters
    Bob Walters aneil1234
    Since my return I have been able to get everything else except for AoO (too expensive). I bought the 2nd ed rule book used and it is missing Chapter E and the first 30 pages of Chapter H the people I bought it from did not realize those were missing. I asked but then do not have them.
  9. Bob Walters
    Bob Walters aneil1234
    Hi Neil I've got Skype on my iPad or my iPhone will that do? I had played a lot of wargames especially Squad Leader when I was younger but then work and family interrupted. Now I am in a position to start again. I had Beyond Valor, Paratrooper, Yanks and a first edition rule book.
  10. fanatic+1
  11. daniel zucker
    daniel zucker igycrctl
    HI I'm in Berkeley Heights. is that close enough
  12. Ray Woloszyn
    Ray Woloszyn gbartlett2001
    Gary, I will probably book a room on Friday and Saturday night given the time to come from my son's place in Atlanta. Ray
  13. RRschultze
    RRschultze Proff3RTR
    Just backed SoS4.....looking real good. Noticed your name on a counter as well!
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    2. Proff3RTR
      I know, it was a gift for what little work I have done (very very small prof read of main page for kickstarter) I was supposed to do more for Russ and the gang but my commitments to the Army do not allow it mate, shame as I was in for a free copy of the whole game, but now that is out of the window. Might still buy the whole thing though as now I have no choice but buy it lol.
      Jun 4, 2017
  14. Tooz
    Tooz Chas Argent
    Chas, any idea when ASLRB binders will be back in stock? I still need a new one.
  15. Preach It
  16. hoxson1
    God said “Let there be light.” Chuck Norris said, “Say please.”
  17. Tooz
    Tooz Vinnie
    Vinnie, just updated my thoughts on your new thread.
  18. ThePrimeMover
    Bend the rules but don't break them - a mantra that has kept me in trouble for decades...
  19. ZenRiver
    ZenRiver Zugführer
    Are you looking for Move-Adv counters that are specific to nationality in colour, or just two distinct colours that can be used for each team in play?
  20. Xavier 658
    Xavier 658
    Thanks but I don't have it anymore. If you are willing to wait a few weeks, I may have another 1 (last copy was sold for 200 €)
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